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Description : playboi keep a bunny check out my beats on youtube
Description : A fast, arpeggiated, effervescent synth progression. 8 seamless bars.

Implied harmonies: Bbmaj7---Dm7---Ebmaj7---Ebm6
Description : A piano player nails out a rhythmic pattern in the Disco style.

Implied Harmonies: Dm7---Gm7---A7sus4---Dm
Description : Two acoustic guitars play a fast strummed groove.

Implied Harmonies: D-----Bm
Description : Fast background arpeggiator from Dragon City. Please drop a link to your track if you use it. Thanks :-) It goes: C#m-F#m-C#m-F#m
Description : Hope this is usable
Description : fast pianos
Description : Very tight and fast paced Jungle/Neuro/DnB drum loop with some vinyl crackle in it.
Description : fl studio
Description : fl studio
Description : [Please Leave A Comment On What You'd Like Next]
Hard Keys with a Road Runner LCL on It
165BPM in the Key Of Bm
Logic Pro X, Stock Sounds
Description : 4 seamless bars of the fast dancebeat of the Caribbean islands.
Description : Fast and Short Old School Sampled style Drum Beat.
Fast Old School Hip Hop x Trap x 130 BPM

Description : A fast melange of mixed human voices forming a unique rhythm. Try it!
Description : 8 seamless bars of a backup girl trio going "Shoop-de-Doo" at a fast speed.

Implied Harmonies: Eb-----Cm

Hint: Try layering this loop with my Breakneck Girl Group Beat.
Description : This loop has an asian style to it and it is a fast beat

first loop ^+^
Description : Piano - refX Nexus - Feel free to use for anything, please let me hear what your final results are. Also let me know what you would like to hear next! And everyone thanks for using my loops and commenting links to your beats. Shit is fire, appriciate it! Info on my page to contact me!
Description : I was actually trying to see how fast a cool 4 bar TM88 trap pattern would pop up. 4 minutes. ill get better later. Fl studio 12. slxck drumkit.
Description : A complex synth patch plays a driving rhythm at a fast tempo.

Implied harmonies: C#-----Fmin
Description : Tight, fast decay drum kit for hip hop. Sounds from MPC 2000XL. Kicks are slightly compressed. The kit is designed for you to chop the individual drums sounds yourself and program. Each week I'll post a new drum kit or two. Check back frequently!
Description : Playing a fast bop in C key with my Tele
Description : Fast and Vintage sounding sampled MPC Style Hip Hop Drums - 120 BPM...
Whats new...?...I like smileys...(눈_눈)....

... LIKE ALWAYS LEAVE A LINK AND FEEDBACK IF U USE THIS LOOP...because....sometimes itZzz like 2000 Downloads...and ONLY 2 People that leave a link...WTF IS WRONG WITH THE OTHER 1998 PEOPLE...cant u post a link..?!

Description : fast, kind of hard, FL Studio made, 141 BPM,
Description : some fast drums, something different for me, made with FL Studio 12 with the stock kit, only leave a link if you wanna.
Description : A hip-hop loop that I made with the MPC X using some percussion and a keyboard element. If you rap or sing over this beat, I would like to hear how lyrics sound over it. Please post your song links.
Loops 1 - 25 of 435
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