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Description : trap drums
Description : played on my MPK mini II hope you enjoy
Description : This loop was made to accompany a string of loops I have uploaded immediately prior to this one.

Very fast paced stringy / punchy feel to it.
Sharp and aggressive could be used in a trap beat.
Hope you enjoy.
Description : 8 bars
Fast rhythm beating on the piano.
Description : Some fast Asian strings which make for a hard trap banger. Link what you make and use with some distorted 808's plz.
[9_9 ]
Description : Was board made this. Have Fun.
Description : . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... show me your work
Description : . .. ... .... ..... ...... ....... show me your work
Description : Hope usable, for more my daily updates, visit my looperman profile
Description : Another throw away
Keys: C,D#,D,G,G#,F,D#,D
Link work
Description : tried to make some kinda lil uzi vert type beat yanno but it didn't turn out quite well but whatever, send me links of what u made with this if u did
Description : Fun, fast bell melody 144bpm.
Hint: Experiment with it (gross beat, reverse the sample..)

Link me what you do if you use it :)
Description : Fast and snappy trap melody for some hard beats. Show me what you got.
Description : Fast paced constant hits.
Description : Trap Piano Fast Keys

Key: Bbm
Tempo: 70/ 140
Description : Using a Acoustic Guitar set on Fast Player; converted to midi; midi edited and set to 100 bpm and then converted back to wav format.
I need to know if you want more of this type music loops.
Description : was going to do something with this beat that i made but couldn't really find anything that would match this beat
Description : 80 or 160 tempo, chuck em in your beats. (Volume is prolly too high, turn it down in your program)
Description : Fast Paced Melodic Piano in the style of Lil Skies x Nick Mira x Lil Yachty.
Send me your results!
Description : Fast and very pumped lead. Comment for more like this.
Description : A really nice and fast sine. comment your links to the beats you've made with this loop!G#min
Description : A really nice and fast sine with a bit of reverb. comment your links to the beats you've made with this loop!G#min
Description : Colab? twitter OGTimy
Description : Like if the lead in Beat It was super slow but like fast
Description : How to make a Guitar sound like a Banjo.
This is C-F-G cords played on an Acoustic Guitar; using a DN-e1 set on "Fast Player" plucked mode.
At the time I learned this I had no Banjo instrument. I do now but still use this option as well.
Loops 1 - 25 of 465
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