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Description : Evil, Eerie, High Energy plucks warped behind an arp produced by Mar Vibez of Retro Crush. This melody is in the style Southside x TM88. Gross beat works exceptionally well when added to this loop. Thanks for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. Look at our bio for more information. This was made in Sytrus.
Description : made on fls
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Program: FL Studio 12.4
Plugin: Hypersonic v.2 - Natural Grand Piano
Treatment: EQ2 / Reveerb 2 / Gross Beat x2 / Stereo Shaper
Description : FL Studio program 12.4
Plugin: Hypersonic v.2;
Treatment: Fruity Parametric EQ 2 / Fruity Reeverb 2 / Fruity delay bank / Fruity Stereo Shaper;

Bright Bells - Trap Melody - Bells Trap
Description : Add some mad delay to this every 1/4 step and up the bass for a dope evil vibe... If you use it drop the link to the track in the comments.
Description : You're trapped in an evil dark dungeon with terrifying sounds all around you. Listen with headphones! 8 bars.
Description : I had a request to make some drums at 99 bpm. So here it is
Description : An evil dubstep drum beat made in LMMS
Description : This is heavily distorted. Small melody progression, very evil sounding. There are also small bits of much higher pitched, faster wobbling of the same noise.
Description : Evil Sounding Synths With Gross Beat Effects.
Description : lots of Subs and Kicks plus snare roll-build, with an evil edge. made with AL9 and an APC key 25. its in Eb
Description : Combine it with the pad XD
Description : Pad...
Notes: D# G# B A#
Description : This sound was made in Wavestation.
Description : I used TyrellN6 for this melody.
Description : Lit!!!
Description : KEY: C-min
TEMPO: 86bpm
one of the weirdest noises I have ever made. Harmor + GrossBeat + Vocoder + more Harmor
Description : TEMPO: 86bpm
just some experimental drums using Havoc sounds
Description : KEY: E-min
TEMPO: 130bpm
Some sick layered keys with Morphine in FL12
Description : KEY: F-maj
TEMPO 138bpm
a dark and evil lair somewhere in a cartoon.
Description : woah it became evil
Description : A snippet from a track I made. Not really sure if I like my track so I'm giving y'all the opportunity to help me out.
Description : hope you like this and include ft XIV if you use this
Description : Used Massive and Effector
Loops 1 - 25 of 84
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