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Description : I used my north Indian String Instrument Tanpura in a different way. Instead of using my original Tanpura Sound which you also can find on a separate Loop, i used this wave file to play is reverse, to get a different sound. I added a contrabass and a English Horn for the melody. The mood is a bit dark but a little contrast with the brighter sound of the English Horn which got an ethnic flavour. Key is in C sharp.
Description : A Track that I give up because I can nothing do with it Hop u can so here U got it. Please Leave a Link if u use this loop/ Package. i want to see what u have done with this,
Description : This is a Melody in a Punjabi Dance Style, inspired by the Indian Punjabi Folk music which is popular in Bollywood Songs and Dances. I used 2 Sounds for the melody Mandolin and Dulcimer, a very short part of Ahh Choir and Taiko Drum for the Rhythm and Halo Pad Sound for a little Drone Background. I could provide only the melody section for a separate loop for Indian creative musicians to add original ethnic percussion on demand.
Description : Realized with Fl Studio 11 and Roland PC 200 MKII in Key A. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : Ethnic Percussion loop created in FL Studio at 124 bpm. Been on movie mode lately, wanted to see what others can make with this idea. Tried to keep it as clean and quality as possible. Let me know if any issues. Would like to hear what you do with it. Happy Mixing!
Description : Ethnic Lead. Hope you all like it!
Description : I used the similar musical material of my Loop "Slow Mood in D-Minor for guitar", but did a few changes with the melody and rhythm because the Japanese Shamisen has a different sound than the guitar. It is more dry and the melodies sound shorter and have a kind of drum effect. I used also another sound for the base line with Taisho Koto. So it becomes a mix of an ethnic plugged instrument and the Japanese Harp Taisho Koto which I have used before in differnt loops. There is no Category for the Shamisen, so I used Harp which would fit best.
Description : What started out as a swing beat turned into an ethnic drum groove of sorts that I thought sounded pretty nifty. So I decided to fix it up a bit and upload it here as a 6 bar loop for someone who possibly needs a little groove in their life. This was also made with Heavyocity Damage and has no EQ or added reverb. All of that is up to how you wish to use it. Cheers!
Description : This is a nice ethnic drop i thought make on because there a'rent alot on this site so here you go !
Description : Layer it up for epicness. If you liked and used it I'd love to hear your work :)
Description : An ethnic flute improvised in the key of C at 118 BPM If you've used this i'd love to hear your work :)
Description : Today is Independance Day in India. So specially for Indian Looperman users here is my first percussion loop. I was inspired by the famous Indian Singer A.R.Rahman of his beautiful Song Vande Mataram. You find a good version at youtube: A.R.Rahman with live chorus at IPL Awards[HQ]. I took some basic pattern and added some new with different percussion.I used Taiko Drum, Base Drum and in the second part Tamburin. Not ethnic Instruments but India is famous for assimilation of western Instruments.
Description : I made this second loop with the sound improved MuseScore Notation Program. Also made a few changes. I have used Taisho Koto which provides a more pleasant sound than Koto and Harp. I wanted the Koto more dominating therefore I added the Harp only in the first 4 bars. it sounds softer. The last 4 bars the melody is only with Koto and the Harp is only for basic root notes and little accompaniment. The Key is C and the scale is Japanese pentatonic. More details you find in the other 2 Koto loops. This new improved loop is a bit faster than the first one 120 bpm. You can compare the difference to the first Loop:
Description : I visited many times Bali and Indonesia and listened a lot to different Gamelan Ensembles. Here is my musical output compressed in a loop, I used a typical Balinese scale: C E F G B - a pentatonic scale and I added typical rhythmic melodic pattern which I often heard. I used tuned Gong for the deep melody accompaniment and different Octaves for Vibraphone Xylophone Metallophone Marimba Sounds to create this special exotic Sound. You find the same loop at the beginning of my 9 minute version Indonesian Travel Song New Mix with percussion on I could imagine that this loop could invite some musicians to add a decent ethnic percussion.
Description : With the new MuseScore Notation I have written a melody in a Japanese Style for the String Instrument Koto. I added a few accompaniment melody to create a fuller sound to get more atmosphere. In this loop I used Taisho Koto. This is a rather new Japanese Instrument similar to a typewriter. In comparison with my loop "KOTO Melody" It is a much softer sound than the first version. It is a bit fast but can be converted to a calmer tempo individually. Key is in G. You can compare my first version KOTO melody with a much sharper sound if you like:
Description : I made a youtube movie of travel Impressions of a Nile Cruise in Egypt, and I added music with this melody. Full song with middle eastern percussion: Originally, I took flute, Oboe one octave lower and Strings tremolo for a drone background. In my first version "Arabic Theme for Flute" I did not use any effects. Original version: In this new loop I produced the same theme with the new MuseScore 2 improved Software notation programm. The character is now much different because I used 2 different sounds: Halo Pad and Speep Pad for the drone and the Flute also got more reverb than my first version with the result that the loop got more overtones and a cosmic touch. Hope you like this as well.
Description : Made in fl studio. I hope it's useful for some of you out there. Includes a floor tom. I'm going to use it an outro. Sounds a bit ethnic so that's where I put it.
Description : This was made today hahaha so I know the key. Hope you guys like it.
Description : Simple congas and bongo beat. I put it in ethnic simply because I have no clue what genre it fits in.
Description : Just a little something i made for a track thought id share :) Hope you find them useful
Description : Just recorded some live Percussion with household stuffs.
Description : some Japanese flavor. Kanashi o hanashi means to talk about the sad things in life. I hope it's useful. Made in fl studio. I've put it under ethnic but can be used in other genres as well...
Description : I was surprised how ethnic drums can go well with a rhodes. Maybe you will too.
Description : I'm using this for some funky/trip hop/ethnic kinda thing. I hope it comes in handy for some of you too...I'll put it under funk cause it's kinda funky?
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