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Description : I did this loop in Fl studio, feel free to use this loop and comment what you do with it.

Description : Futurist loop
this is epic asf

Description : This is the same loop as before just pitched down and I think it gives it almost a percussive feel that I think really separates it from the original.

Description : This is one to get you going. It get's me pretty hyped for what I don't know. That's one of life's mysteries I guess.
(Stares off into distance)

Description : let me see what you do with it

Description : epic piano loop
made w purity
link what u create

Description : Let me know your results ;)

I used BRASS-ENSEMBLE (Horn & Tuba) from Kontakt.

Description : Epic Chords made in Harmor. Saw waves with unison can go a long way ;)

Description : chill

Description : from one of my latest beats

Description : Last part! Layer all three parts for epic-movie-trap type beats or whatever you please to do with it.

All three parts were made with the Stratosphere expansion in Nexus.

Post what you make yo, I always Listen to stuff yall make!

Description : Key: C Major

Link me your Work. :-)

Description : DJ Mustard Style

Description : Made with A strange plugin with strange name lol

Description : Part 3 Flute

Description : Part 2 Organ

Description : Part 1 Piano

Description : Something Simple

Description : swag sawg swag sgwgwg

Description : subscribe to pewdiepie

Description : Crazy epic pad / synth loop that sounds ominous and kinda dark, 122 bpm, leme know what you think and link your track in the comments if you use it!!

Description : epic request uwu link your musik

Description : I dont know what to do with this loop

key is F minor

Description : Epic Pad made with Nexus

Description : Epic dark Pad / Synth loop @ 140, lemme know whatchu think and link me to your track if you use it, so i can see what you do!!! Salute!!!

Loops 51 - 75 of 423
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