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Description : Make a Beat with it and Link it in the comments and I may post it on my channel with your Producer Tag. Message me for more Collabs

Description : IdK EpIc SoUnD

Description : Craziest reverse I have ever made.

Kill it.

Description : with SUB

Description : I1m thinking about make a some vol. of epic drums to dubstep, and take some songs (using the druns) to make a big mix to help the artists and share the social pages and the ytb channel etc... to participe on this, you just need contact me via E-mail! (is free)...

Description : Epic synths played in FL Studio made using Nexus.

Description : If you made something w this, send me it

Description : made in Fl studio

Description : Giant Epic Trap Synth. (the Key was C-Maj I think)
let me hear your final tracks.

Description : The epic melodie of Kernkraft 400. If you used it in your track please link it in the comments. Enjoy! -F!nn

Description : made in fl. comment the link if you use it. spooky , Lil Peep , atmospheric , epic , sad

Description : Epic choir

Description : g minor scale

Description : Can be used as a layer to my Epic Thing. It's beautiful. Very.

Description : Harmonized beautiful melody.

Description : Melody made in Caustic then converted to FL Studio piano roll. Used Sylenth1 synth.

Description : Epic Distorted Bass guitar
Send me your Work of art! I want to hear it!

Description : HOpe usefull

Description : pretty good

Description : A quick piano loop that could sound epic with the right drums.
The key is B minor.
As usual, the loop is royalty free and requires no credit. At the very least, leave a comment here and connect with me on social media.

Description : Leave your comments below or check my profile page to get in touch with me.


Description : A vocal loop from one of my songs called Legendary. Makes for some epic instrumentals. Show me what you come up with this.
[4_4 ]

Description : Already have a beat that will be released soon on Soundcloud but I want to see your works also what you make out of it
So Link me up

Description : Enjoy :)
If you have made a song with this loop, let me know it in the comments, that I can hear it, pls.

Description : Inspired by antidote

Loops 1 - 25 of 346
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