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Description : chill rain sound effect for lofi or sad melodies , hip hop trap etc. hope u like it
Description : Three chords strummed in Fl studio using the hardcore plugin. chords: A, Ab, C#min
Comment what ya make outta it
Description : Electro FUNKY acid BASS 4 Bars Dry of any effect on Logic pro X
Description : Dm7-G-C-A kinda lofi-ish piano chord progression with some reverse effect
Love to hear whatever you guys make so hmu with a link or somethin :)
Description : :( I'm depressed, but it's OK. I made music and loops for you and this make me a lil happy.
Made in FL-Studio 12
Description : A reloading of a gun, originally downloaded from Youtube, i just cut it out
Description : Gunshot sound effect, downloaded from Youtube and cutted by me.
Description : First attempt and adding a slide effect to a tech run..
Description : Trap bell made via nexus with a slow triplet gross beat effect
Description : This is a hard trap loop has snare, hi-hat, open-hat, kick and 808 with an effect at the end
Description : I can't think straight, void affects my mind.
Description : Piano Grossbeat effect, gucci gang style.
Link me your creations.
Description : *Pitched down vocal effect*
Description : *Pitched down vocal effect*
Description : .
Synth Bass : PWM Square wave 8 bits or C64 style,
Style : Dub, Reggae or Chiptune !
Effect : subtle Ambient Reverb + Digital Delay 1/16 no feedback.
Description : fairly simple wind sounds i recorded, outside, could add a nice background effect for your track or something?
Description : Made in fl Studio 12
Description : Electric piano rhodes sound
Description : for my upcoming song i just wanna see what you guys make.

i used a special massive preset with wishwash effect
and i think there is a flanger.

drop your tracks down below and ill check out your creations

Chur to the chur
Description : Made in Omnisphere, layer something on top of this and sounds sweet af, full song in desc. of my profile
Description : Same as the other, a 2-5-1 progression, but this one has a chorus effect. If you use it post a comment, I love hearing what you guys make!
Description : A 2-5-1 progression played on a fender jazzmaster. Very chill vibe. If you use it post a comment, I love hearing what you guys make!
Description : Use this with the mystic keys for full effect. Please show me any work with these loops!
Description : 64/128 bpm beat with little bit of effect and short delay percussion done on cubase with addicitve drum 2.
Let me know if you using it i'm curious...
Loops 1 - 25 of 522
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