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Description : Nice electronic Lead/melody for any house or EDM track.

Description : A lofi pad and lead that I couldn't make fit with anything, but thought it was too nice to let go to waste. I'd say it'd be good for EDM, lofi, or experimental, but it could work in other situations too

Description : EDM/Electro/Electonic loop

If you make something with this please send me an email or leave a link! ;D

Can't wait to hear it!!

Description : Great EDM Lead!
Let me know if you use that

Description : Personally, I used this sub bass/808 to make a rap beat but it CAN be used for Future Bass, Drum And Bass, EDM, etc.

For this, I used:
3x Osc (Added 500 cents of glide to the 808)

Description : Can be used in Dubstep, Trap, House, EDM and loads more! So versatile! XD

Description : Pretty EDM-ee? Show me what you make

Description : Future House,EDM Type Chords,Avicii maybe

Description : I made it sound like there was echo was copying and pasting the note that was played before it onto the the note played after.
Feel free to drop a link if you make something with it. :)
Could be easily used in an EDM Drop.

Description : Nice melody Ive recently created and used in a song. Please leave some feedback and if you like the melody, check my latest track out to here in in full swing. Cheers.

Description : chopped vocals and put a lot of reverb on them.
could be used as trap and edm melody.

Description : A wooden drum hit, pitched and chopped and rhythm'd, ending in a snare fill.

If you find a use for it drop me a link, I'd love to hear what you make.

Description : G#Major

midi on request

Description : just a joke...

Description : A nice cloudy loop for some future bass or trippy EDM projects, however you find use. Check me out on IG and link me your heat and Ill check it out
( x_X)

Description : Good for house or edm, show me your work.
Key is D min

Description : carries an edm vibe

Description : edm drop melody

Description : Basic build-up for any EDM genre made only using unprocessed claps and snare. Hope you like it!

Description : just some happy soundung edm/dance chords, which (i think) will still go nice with some happy sounding boom bap or hip hop drums.

d#-key in pentatonic major

Description : Made in Serum. Download "Glitchy Saw Bass" to go along with this...

Link your song below in the comments if you'd like!

Description : A simple edm melody

Description : Buildup snares for trap (but they are ok for EDM too), with some eq, filter and other suff. let me know if you like it

Description : im pretty sure this loop can be used in a house, edm or chillout beats but it really depends on you.

Description : EDM trap/future bass/witch house pluck lead loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 900
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