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Description : Speaks for itself

Description : Made in Fl Studio

Description : Made in fl studio

Description : These are drums with reverb. Great for Melodic Dubstep. Please send a link. I love hearing them.

Description : I made this with FL Studio, if you use this loop place the full song in the comments, I'm really interested in hearing what people made

Description : Juice dubstep drop loop made in under 2 minutes :D
Hope u enjoy this sample and comment, what u think 'bout it

Description : number 4

Description : WEEEEEEE

Description : YEEEEEEEEE O.o

Description : 4 parts to this drop

Description : Some basic drums that fit well with the Old School Dubstep Bass.

They are also perfect for 150 BPM stuff.

Make something cool with it!

Description : Made with Serum

Don't forget to grab the DRUMS that go with this loop

Make something cool with it

Description : Dubstep/Trap Drum Loop

VSTs Used...

Description : Made this a while ago but I can't seem to put it into anything.

Description : Here's an inception style brass loop I made. Can be used for mainly Dubstep/Trap.

Description : just some more dubstep drums.

will fit any key, 155 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : Can be used in Dubstep, Trap, House, EDM and loads more! So versatile! XD

Description : Hope you enjoy :D If you have used my loop in a track, I would like to hear it

Description : A drum build up for the future bass synth build i uploaded before it. Can also be used for trap, or dubstep. make sure to link your creation, so i can listen to it! :D

Description : I usually make dubstep so I got bored and made this instead

Description : Kick, layered snare, hi-hats, crashes and a fill at the end. Any genre requests to make drums in are welcome in the comments - I will do all ;)

Description : Aggressive Trap or Dubstep lead,maybe someone like

Description : A Dark Growl Bass for Dubstep/Riddim

VSTs used...
Soft Clipper

Description : A nice Dubstep/Riddim Drum,
Not Much is going on so you could add to it or use Gross Beat

VSTs used...

Description : Meh..
Show me what you make of it.

Loops 1 - 25 of 2651
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