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Description : with SUB

Description : I1m thinking about make a some vol. of epic drums to dubstep, and take some songs (using the druns) to make a big mix to help the artists and share the social pages and the ytb channel etc... to participe on this, you just need contact me via E-mail! (is free)...

Description : If you want me to make a certain type of beat or loop just request it.

Description : another dubstep drum

Description : A simple Dubstep Drum Loop. Enjoy :)
If you have made a song with this loop, let me know it in the comments, that I can hear it, pls.

Description : This is basically an oldskool boom-bap groove but with modern dubstep drum sounds.

Description : A Smooth loop i made with some vengeance samples and ableton.
If you end up using it let me know. its pretty much all in triplets too.

Description : made on seqencer can be seen working with other bean loops in my tracks I threw together a sampler real fast but lot of these synthloops will fit with hiphop rega and dubstep drum beats loops ive tested them with

Description : just loop kick and snare for dubstep or drum&bass
(without percs hat ride etc...)

Description : would fit tecno other electronic music it was made on synth ive tested it out on hiphop and dubstep drum beats it mixes very well it also can go with rock as it sounds like edie van halen only on syth not guitar

Description : Cymatics Terror dubstep drum pack :v

Description : Made with Serum, Massive, and a crap load of effect plugins. Enjoy! Worked pretty well with my Dubstep Drum Loop 4 when I tested it. Have an awesome day! :D

Description : Hey everybody! Back here with some more Dubstep/Electronic drums. I used BassDrum, Drumpad, Sumo, Soundgoodizer, Grossbeat, and a Vocodex on this one. Have an awesome day! Let me know if you use it. I'd love to checkout your song! :D

Description : Hey everyone! Back with another drum loop. Made in FL Studio. Used Sumo to fatten it up a bunch. You could add some Hats though, and it may make it a bit better. If ya use it let me know, and I'll checkout your song. Also if you have any questions, requests, or comments, feel free to message me. Have a blessed day!

Description : This is another one of my dubstep drum loops. if you want me to make a sample pack can you download and comment. I love you guys. You make it worth doing this

Description : Heavy snare and a nice bass-toned kick. Taken right out of my sample pack I'm releasing soon! Check back for more and comment what you used this thing in!

Description : Made with FL Studio, and Dominator. (For the Yoi sound.) Let me know if ya use it! I'll gladly take a listen! Have a blessed day! :D

Description : I'm gonna use this one in my next song. But if you use it, let me know! I'd love to see how ya use it :D I made it with FL Studio.

Description : Simple Dubstep Drum Loop I Made. Hope You Find It Useful!

Description : A Trap/Dubstep Drum Buildup Made In FL Studio.
If you use this loop, send me a link to what you made with it! id love to see your work.

Description : An evil dubstep drum beat made in LMMS

Description : A dubstep drum beat that I made today, Let me know if you use it, I would love to hear what you make out of it.

Description : Simple drum pattern for dub and riddim stuff. Enjoy and share any creations!

Description : Remade one of my favorite dubstep drum loops with some higher quality kicks and snares.

Description : Simple Dubstep drum loop I made. I made it with ableton's stock drum sampler.

Loops 1 - 25 of 204
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