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Description : The drums from my track "Hold Me Tight".

Description : -Made in 10 mins, thought the last lofi beat was trash, hopefully this is useful.
Share what you create!

Description : A fast drum agressive drum loop with 808s. Some saturation makes it sound more tightly but I think some bass eq needed.

Made in FL.

Description : Show me what u make :)

Description : Some trap drums and 808 made with the sumeenk drum kit, comment what you make with this.

Description : Some trap drums made with the sumeenk drum kit, comment what you make with this.

Description : I just put some Belvedere's sauce on this

Description : kinda like Nonstop

Description : Hope you like these drums!! Comment your work! I would love to see it!

Description : Post a link to your work if you use this I want to see what you can do

Description : Comment a link if you use it I want to hear what you come up with!
Try to do more than just add half speed and drums

Description : Going Bad Drums Remake....
Enjoy!!! ;)

Description : Plug Walk Drums Remake...

Description : Drums off of a beat i just made. Put this over some hype melody and you got a banger.
Basic 808s, hard kick, open hi hats, and three different hi-hat sounds. There's a snare stutter at the end of the eigth bar.

Description : just some hard distorted trap metal 808 with some top drums

d#-key in harmonic minor scale

enjoy :D

Description : Fits well with the Cubeatz Type Melodies

Description : so i made this beat in fl studio
i hope u gys find some use 4 it
share ur tracks if u end up using it

Description : hard asf comment what you got

Description : West coast drums like blueface or sob x rbe

Description : ig: prophetsbeats

if you use these let me hear the track! post in comments! still waiting on that collab! sad face.

******LETS COLLAB!!!!********

Description : Sad, slow drums. Perfect for when you're crying in the key of C minor!

Send me what you make :)

Shoutout Nick Mira, these drums are all of his kits

Description : Recorded some vocal drums (guess you could call it beatboxing) and then added some light percs over it.

Keen to hear anything you make with it

Description : This was from the sorry stuff I was working on.

Description : add a super spooky melody, and you've got goosebumps pt 2. instant hit.

c minor scale.

Description : Wrote this TRANCE track this afternoon so you guys could have some fun. Let me know how you get on.
4 Parts include:
Basic Love Fusion Pianos 1 of 4
Basic Love Fusion Bassline 2 of 4
Basic Love Fusion Strings 3 of 4
Basic Love Fusion Drums 4 of 4

Loops 1 - 25 of 7084
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