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Description : This bassline has been designed to sit behind my pulse dance pad loop but of course you can use it where ever you like. Have a listen to my Demo Dance Loop 1 to see how they fit together with a drum beat behind - Let me know if you use any of it :-)
Description : made with different samples from diff sample packs(mostly that sound sample pack)
Description : goes great with my last upload for keyboard, again dont feel the need to use a link.
Description : $uicideboy$ type drum loop. made in fl studio
Description : made in fl studio with a personal drum kit.
Description : 172 BPM, F, Reason. I haven't uploaded any loops for over a month, because i was working on a pretty big music project.
Description : Guidelines can be shit sometimes.... I threw in the Nextel chirp for that extra sauce. Post what you make. Oh, and the kicks might be parallel compressed...
Description : Hey Guys, This Is a loop from my most recent track
Description : Compose this drum loop in FL studio, you can also mix to your own taste. Epic drum type loop No limit to creativeness.
Description : Check out my first sample pack. Link in bio!
Description : Mastered, booming drum loop at 140BPM
Description : Decided to make it longer. The sound at the beginning is the snare looping over. It sounds fine when looped but if you want to avoid that, use the other loop in conjunction with this one. The 808's a G note. Credit isn't required but would be appreciated, and please send me a link to anything you make with it!
Description : I wanted to test out making a trap drum, so it's a pretty basic one. Use it for whatever. The 808 is a G note if you care. Credit isn't required but would be appreciated, and please send me a link to anything you make with it!
Description : spicy lofi drum loop with some texture
Description : Prod By Rae / Rae777
Description : drum loop
Description : Made By Rockin' Todd Russell. Studio Loops & Sequences. Unused by Artist. Royalty free. Use as you wish and i hope you enjoy.
Description : Sounds like... me!
Description : Simple Dubstep Drum Loop I Made. Hope You Find It Useful!
Description : A Trap/Dubstep Drum Buildup Made In FL Studio. If you use this loop, send me a link to what you made with it! id love to see your work.
Description : Just an offbeat cowbell rhythm with a nice swing to it.
Description : There is no limit to what you can do with this drum loop.
Description : Trap Drum with Verse high hats and no snare.
Description : Trap Drum with Hook high hat and military snare.
Description : The drum track for this song
Loops 1 - 25 of 6181
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