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Description : Trap drum loop
Description : quality. id love to see your work!
Description : Made By Rockin' Todd Russell. Studio Loops & Sequences. Unused by Artist. Royalty free. Use as you wish and i hope you enjoy.
Description : BROCKHAMPTON style drum loop.
Description : By far my best drum loop
Description : comment what u make!
Description : show me what you´ve done
Description : Comment what u make!
Description : comment if you use!
Description : Little drum pattern I created, 808 notes are F and C
Description : comment if you use
Description : Made in FL 20

Link if you used the loop
Description : contact ne if you need a producer
Description : would love to hear what you guys do with this.
Description : drum prof
Description : Was just playing around with the original found here www but got stuck and couldn't add anything else too it... maybe you can, link me if so
Description : This loop is 1 of 4. Started the project and enjoyed it but it's not close enough to my usual stuff for me to want to finish it.
Description : Very simple drum loop with heavy kicks
Description : Mobb Deep style drum loop
Description : 90, link me if u use it :)
Description : Send me your beats fam!!!
Description : something i just made that hopefully you'l use
Description : Keen to hear anything you make with it :)
Description : Simple drum loop
Description : That loop was created in Renoise.
Loops 1 - 25 of 2998
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