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Description : Made in Reason, mastered in LMMS.
Description : Precisely sequenced on drums
Description : This a very lazy style transition break. It's fitting for giving your track a breathing spot between the chaos.
Description : This drum break has an intense feel.
Description : This is an old school style break-beat with an "I don't care" attitude. Very fitting for Sonic the Hedgehog.
Description : This loop is inspired by the sound of Sonic the Hedgehog video games as of recent years. It's like Sonic 3 but with a very angry drum track inside.
Description : This could work for Neurofunk :p ~ FL Studio 12 ~ BassDrum, Sytrus, 3x OSC ; Maximus, Vocoder, Love Philter, Parametric EQ 2
Description : Made in Reason, mastered in LMMS.
Description : This is a drum loop with a kick, a snare, hi-hats and a 808
Description : dnb drums made with MPC
Description : Sounds good with Drum n Bass drums.
Description : Same project as Nuero Bass 02
Description : Custom Preset made with Serum. and a lot of automation.
Description : Custom drum loop made with 4 different Ableton Drum Rack Presets. Re-sampled, sped-up, and processed. Chop it up for full effect.
Description : From my newest song. this is for usually drum n bass. here ya go
Description : Techy DnB Loop. Kinda weird.
Description : Enjoy :)
Description : A basic loop I made. Has a little distortion and reverb added.
Description : Drum And Bass - Wobble Bass Loop 172 bpm 10
Description : I make weird names for my loops. This is one of them. Made with Mixcraft V8.
Description : Hi-Hats and Drums!I love this beat. Made with Mixcraft V8. Let me know if you use it! Id be very interested in hearing it!
Description : Created w/ Mixcraft V8! I'd like to see if anyone uses this in something. Let me know!
Description : Bass in E, house type
Description : Yet another DnB Wobble Bass loop.
Description : 7th Sense Drum Loop By YogeshST:)
Loops 1 - 25 of 2756
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