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Description : Made in FL studio 12.5

If you've used it, drop links
Description : Made in FL Studio and Massive. Let me know if ya use it! I'd love to hear your song. Feel free to message me on SoundCloud, or whatever if you wanna collab, get a remix, or just wanna ask me something. Have a blessed day!
Description : Drop a link if you use it.
Comment and requests for sounds.
Description : eyeoayey
Description : Piano Chords For Sad/Emotional Trap. Made with Nexus. Drop your beats in the comments.
Description : I recreated my favorite drop of the song. Be careful what you use this in, its way to close to the original. Goes together well with the drum loop I just posted. Comment what you make! No sub, no sidechaining!
Description : drop a link if used
Description : Made with Sakura in FL Studio 12
Drop links if you use it!
Drop a comment if you have requests on styles.
Description : PartyNextDoor/TheWeeknd/Trippy style loop
Drop a link if you use it
Description : FL Keys - FL Studio 12
Drop a link if you use it....
Description : Simple yet bouncy drums, in a $uicideboy$/Ghostemane style. If used, please drop a link to your work. 100% royalty free.
Description : A sad and vintage sounding piano melody with beautiful melody (made using 1/2 speed in gross beat), to get best result use a slight delay. :) drop in your links if you use it in your tracks
Description : ohhh yes
Description : Starts at G, then goes to B via triplets on C, D and D#. Free for commercial use, lemme see your work then!
Description : Made with Serum, Massive, and a crap load of effect plugins. Enjoy! Worked pretty well with my Dubstep Drum Loop 4 when I tested it. Have an awesome day! :D
Description : If you use, drop it in comments
Description : drop a link if used
Description : 2 of 4 in my Funky House Loops set.
2 - Build Up Loop. Trappy sounding snare builds to a funky drop!
Description : drop a link if used
Description : This is another one of my dubstep drum loops. if you want me to make a sample pack can you download and comment. I love you guys. You make it worth doing this
Description : This is a snare and hihat drumloop ideally for drops. I love you guys so send me your work and I will happily listen to it
Description : I hope you enjoy. this may be part of my next song so send me your work with it
Description : I made this in FL Studio and It is 140bpm and perfect for dubstep or future styles
Description : Back with another loop! Made with FL Studio, Massive, and a little bit of Sumo. Let me know if ya use it. I'll gladly listen to your song. Have a blessed day! Feel free to message me, for questions, and whatnot.
Description : Basic build up for a drop made using GMS and Fruity Parametric EQ 2
Loops 1 - 25 of 1743
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