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Description : just feels Japanese.
drop links bellow .

Description : just an air horn lead for a trap drop

c-key in harmonic minor scale (fits well to f-key loops), 150 BPM

enjoy :L

Description : my first loop hope usable :) DROP LINKS IF USED

Description : Drop your works ^3^

Description : Drop a link with what you make with this, would love to hear what yall can come up with

Description : Emotional piano loop I made. Drop whatever you make in the comments.

Description : Drop your works here ^3^

Description : perfect drum fill before the drop

Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me if you want this loop in a different key or tempo, or need a custom loop.

Recorded on Clavia Nord Stage 3 88. I used an extra mic to capture the sound of keys itself, you can hear this. It won't be hearable in tight mix w\ other instruments, but it will, if you'll use this loop alone (or in pre drop parts), and i think itll add more live and real feel to your entire mix.


Description : Drop yo beatsss

Description : originally made in garageband in 2015 but i recreated it on logic. pretty ominous vibes, do what you want with it, drop links or feedback as always.

Description : feels tense.
drop links below.

Description : loop is in D minor
Just add a high cut and it's lofi.
have fun, drop links so i can hear what you did.

Description : trynna drop a free sample kit, yall feelin that?

Description : this is an older thing i had. still is nice though. drop a link if you used it, you know the drill

Description : Made with Omnisphere

drop your final products in the comments! would love to hear :)
Check out my profile for more loops :*

Description : 144bpm
Or drop it on a 72bpm track. It will still work. Enjoy!

Description : its not exactly sad boi hours but real contemplation boi hours if u feel me. drop links to whatever you make. better be dope or you die

Description : Email for midi

Drop what you make, I will always listen!

Hit me up for a free exclusive custom loop :)

Description : Email for midi

Drop what you make, I will always listen!

Hit me up for a free exclusive custom loop :)

Description : DJ Mustard type loop with synth bass, made in his preferred DAW, Reason. He kinda fell off but he's my inspiration. Drop links below if you use it.

Description : v nice, drop link if used

Description : whenever i make songs, samples, beats, etc. I always put down what it feels like before
I can think of an actual title. I've never been to Tulsa, but this is what Tulsa feels like to me. Also there's added chords at the end so you can chop this how you like. Just drop the link when you use it thanks

Description : the second 8 bars is an octave higher. drop your work in the comments!

Description : Drop your works here ^3^

Loops 1 - 25 of 2891
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