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Description : Hope usable
Description : Quite sad one.
Description : show me
Description : Hope usable
Description : Made with NI Massive. I wanted something very chill & gallopy, but not too complicated.
Description : Made using Nexus2, In Fl Studios 12, with 1/2 speed, gross beat already on the track. Send me whatever you guys make with this, have fun!
Description : guitar played on washburn broken into parts
Description : dream is a song I made on guitar ive tried to up load a loop of it here but it wasn't worthy of loop laws soive broken it down into loads of parts and changed bpm hereis a part
Description : I was making a sound pack of guitar work on my washburn for dream sound pack testing them with other bpms this came out it dont sound great on its own but dose with house beats was gonna scrap it but though maby someone in house genre could use this keep in mind I'm a rocker and was ment to be a 90 bpm rock bridge on guitar when you add delay flanger or play with it it realy brings out the house beat
Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Technics SX K700. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : hope you like it. pad soft melody
Description : Hope usable
Description : All aboard ?.....Rocks Papers Scissors.....Life is BUT a Dream......!
Description : Hope usable
Description : "stay woke"
Description : percussive loop
Description : Preset found on Nexus called "SY Caribbean Dream"
Totally free loop :D
Description : Hope usable for you,for more information visit my looperman profile,One of my top class loop's link there in description.Thanx.
Description : Hope usable
Description : would love to see what you made with this melody :) please leave a link if u can.

Made the beat in FL12 with the pluins: Sakura (String -> STR Deep Harp 1 STG) and Sytrus (Dream Bell) added a bit of Reverb and Love Philter.
Description : link your results :)
Description : Hope usable
Description : SPIRE
Description : Hope usable
Description : More seamless sonic mayhem created with the free Reaktor ensemble, GrainCube.
Loops 1 - 25 of 327
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