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Description : Description : I used key finder to find the key because i'm lazy so it may not be accurate. Sounds were created in Massive.

Description : BassDrum

Description : Deep Minimal 120 Pattern 1

Description : Deep Minimal 120 Pattern 2

Description : Deep in the jungle...

Description : Coming Back soon with some good deep house. One loop for now. Trust me, you can build your track around this one.


Description : actually some original but deep piano melody.
Nice for rap-beats with message.


Description : bells from alchemy

Description : Realized with Nexus in FL Studio
90 BPM
Key: E Minor

Description : nice string

Description : Classic, Sad, Melacholic, Under, Deep , sentimental, Experimanrla, in Dminor, D9, Trap, Low, Radio

Description : A call to every artist that wants to create something big. I made these loops to help your creativity and push your artistry further. This isn't something to just download and layer. This is something to make your own...

Description : Deep Keys and Pad
G minor

Drop what you make
Contact me for personal loops

Description : Deep mood

First loop

Key: A#minor

Description : this is pitched

Description : screech

Description : whompsssss

Description : grrrrrrrrrrr

Description : The vst preset was called TaikoDrum. Played deep notes, very 808ish. Synth1 VST

Description : Simple drum loop but can definitely be used for a rocky sort of beat

Description : made in hybrid 3 110 bpm

link to twitter in bio dm me there if you wanna work together

Description : A nice deep bass synth. Link your fire bellow. Enjoy

Description : Hope usable

Description : I was doing some research on French House. What I learned is it is loosely based on deep house. It favors some something close to disco and Euro and it is fused harmonic sound tones. This is my first effort in French House, a sub-gen of Deep House.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1082
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