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Description : Dark anos...
Description : This loop is made with FL Studio. All my loops are 100% Royalty Free…
Please show me the link to your song if you use this loop...
Description : Excellent for Dark and Sad Trap Songs
Description : As usual, comment for the MIDI. I'll get back to you as SOON as possible :). Will be releasing a MIDI Kit soon so stay updated for that!

Also, this sounds great with 1/2 speed gross beat.
Description : Heavy Dark Boom Bap Drums
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Dark synth anthem. Please drop a link to your track if you use it :-) Thanks!
Description : Trap Pluck Loop with some background atmosphere. post links i wanna hear your stuff!
Description : Comment if usable/link your work! Made with Massive in FL Studio 12
Description : 100bpm,D. Pad Loop - Atmosphere Choir. Dark, Dungeon, Palace, Castle, Tomb, Crept, Creep, Slime, Ooze, FL Studio, Ambient, Mix n Match, Peace.
Description : hope usable and used the same the plugins as I did for my last loop link if you use and comment opions
Description : hope its usable made in fl with stock direct wave piano with 2 eqs reverb and soft clipper think it would sound nice with a vinly crackle. link me if you use and comment what you think
Description : Let me know if you use it!

Contact me for loops and beats
Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Technics K700. Key E. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : Something I just put together from Sytrus
Description : Simply Dark keyboard loop at 130BPM. Feel free to use
Description : very cool swag
Description : Made whit Fl studio . Dark piano LoFi
Description : Made in Garageband. Please send your track via comments want to hear what you made by this!
Description : Dark Trap Bells Produced by Vakai.
I'd like to hear what you did with this.

Description : Enjoy!
Send link if you use it ;)
Description : a simple brass used in NEXUS.
Description : Comment if you want the midi! (made in electra)
Description : enjoy it. Show me what you did!
Description : Moody and dark synth lead produced by Mar Vibez from Retro Crush. This melody is in the style of of 2012 Metro Boomin. Thanks for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. Check out the link in our bio.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1035
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