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Description : Dark Child 120bpm D# Major. Created with String Audio Dark Matter, Valhalla Shimmer and iZotope Neutron 2.

Description : Post a link to your work if you use this I want to see what you can do

Description : Comment a link if you use this I want to hear what you come up with!

Description : Description : key: D# Minor (Harmonic Scale)

have fun. link what you make. listen til the end, there's a fucked up glitchy part idk what i did lol

Description : Super dark trap melody

Description : enjoy this dark melody and show me ya beats !

Description : Heavily inspired by Chu

Melody :
C5 G#4 F4 G#4 A#4 G4 E4 G4 C5 G#4 F4 C#5 A#4 E4 A#4 G4

Chords :
C3 G#2 F2 A#2 G2 E2 G3 C3 F2 F3 A#2 E2

Plugins used :
Ableton Grand Piano, Halftime, Retrocolor

Description : Dark Trap Travis Scott Melody, astroworld, rap, trap hip hop cubeatz, migos, frank dukes, southside, metro boomin type loop - Jaz Omen

Description : Dark Bells loop
Share your final work with me..

Description : created with FL Studio 12

Description : just a japanese sitar in a#, sounds mysterious and kinda spooky and dark

a#-key in japanese insen scale

Description : Simple piano that sounds dark.

Description : My CPU died rendering this so i hope it was worth it
Pd: Please make a banger
*FL Studio 12
*Cubeatz type sample
*If you re interested in custom loops DM me on ig

Description : Can be used for like underground trap beat

post in the comments your work.

Description : I made this using Studio One and it sounds pretty promising and it has potential. Comment your tracks!

Description : I worked really hard to make this! I used the gin$eng sample pack vol. 3.

Description : Dark feel to it, I was gonna use it on a track but I scraped it.
Used Hardcore, Reverb, Delay, and Stereo Shaper

Description : Sylenth1

Description : Dark Simple Keys

Description : C minor
Drop what you make, I will always listen!

Check my profile for information on FREE custom loops!
(please read profile info first)

Description : do some good

Description : Yo! Show me your work.
Check my version on my profile.

Description : used a guitar from a default nexus folder
post your results in the comment section.

Description : Show me your work, please!

Description : A Dark Flute Melody at 140BPM please show me your work!

Loops 1 - 25 of 1859
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