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Description : GENERIC, WOOO! Use this in trap, electro and other forms of EDM, and let me know what you make with it! I love hearing your work!

Description : extra hi hats and cymbal, and fx

combine all 3 loops it creates a cool groove

Description : A weird, drum-like loop of effected synths in a 'beep,boop,beep,boop,beeb-boo-bee-boo,beep,boop' pattern with an effected cymbal at the end.
Yes, the cymbal does do a little crash and suddenly stop. I made it do that on purpose for added effect. If you don't like it, don't use it. :)

Description : If you used this loop, please lemme hear what you've done with it. Thanks!

Description : Tell me if you need more loops like that

Description : The evolution of the previous simple techno beat. Made with two different electro kicks, one cymbal and a nice modulation on the rhythm of the electro tom.

Description : A drum pattern with a lot of cymbal action. . .

Description : piano, glock, ryder cymbal

Description : short cymbal loop

Description : The drum track for a song I made called Rewind. It's similar to the drums found in the chorus of Flying Spaghetti Monster by Doctor P. It was made using my iON iDM02 drum machine and Garageband's built-in cymbal loops.

Description : Same beat as number one but with a ride cymbal

Description : Propellerhead Reason

Description : Hope you can use it :)
For House, Trance, Techno and other electronic Stuff :D

Description : Stomp Kicks bass hihat cymbal snare roll

Description : Made this loop for Neuken. Hope it's what you wanted. The open hat is replaced with a crash cymbal. These loop packs do not include all the things you need for a song. The rest is for you to make. You may copyright songs with my loops. If you want something changed (tempo, drum pattern, synth notes, etc.), just ask. I'm always willing to help :). I'd like a link if you use it in a song. Say something like "Drums from (time) to (time) come from StrideFire on Looperman."

Description : Simple 8-bar drum loop with a kick, snare, hi-hat, and a sample of a reverse cymbal

Description : A little drum loop I had just made for a Trap Dubstep song. 140 BPM. Using regular acoustic snare with effects and a hard hitting kick with some 808 and 909 cymbal work. Also a reverse effect for the the snare.

Description : Panning processed cymbal with a few layers of clean synth and a kick to start things off.

Let me know if you use this in a track, I'd love to hear it!

Description : General use cymbal rhythm.

Description : yah, cool little cymbal/fx piece.. used in my song Botulism (Heavy Metal, Industrial, DnB track)


Description : A percussive melody
170 bpm, or 85 rap/hiphop

Description : Basic Dubstep Drum Loop with Ride cymbal.

Description : Got a big upload coming. I'll start with the Asian style ones but theres quite a varied mix tonight; quite a few dubstep style loops. I say dubstep but its not really "hardcore and dirty" dubstep just nice and tuneful. Anyway this one is a Asian style kit with loads of cymbal and timpani sounds but it's quite rhythmic. Made using Logic.

Description : twin rider cymbals going louder then softer, and panning out, with touch of high hat, cymbal. to suggest the diffusion of sunlight over the horizon at dawn

Description : twin rider cymbal tracks in gentle crescendo/decrescendo and panning left and right

Loops 51 - 75 of 118
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