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Description : Made in Fl-Studio with Creepy Piano VST

Description : Made in FL-Studio with Creepy Piano VST

Description : Made in Fl-Studio with Creepy Piano VST

Description : Made in Fl-Studio with Creepy Piano VST

Description : Kind of creepy/happy vybe. Submit what you did :))

Description : Played by me on Nexus. Soft creepy hum + synth spook = killer underground beat. Link me to ya work!

Description : What Good Y'all. This is a throwaway melody i personally can't use. But idk, maybe one of you might. Anyaways, Please link your creations with this loop, i would love to here them.

Description : I actually wanted to make something happy for a slow beat, but it kinda transformed into something more creepy bell thingery.

Description : Ambient, Travis Scott x Metro Boomin Type Loop
Not supposed to be very melodic
Meant to be creepy
Also, it mean the world to me if you check out my Lil Mosey Type beat

Description : A Hammond B3 organ plays a drone-like improvisation based around B minor, at a slow, meditative tempo. Kinda creepy-sounding.

Description : SCALE: F Octatonic
Reminds me of a dark forest

Description : Creepy

Description : Creepy

Description : Emotional piano but creepy please link what u made and if u wanna collab dm "SLUGSZZ" Insta

Description : Lets see what you come up with :)

Description : Just a creepy dark piano and reverse effect too. I like to hear what y'all make so feel free to share. The key is Eminor.

Description : A creepy sounding arp. Something Metro Boomin would use

Description : Slightly creepy synth in Emin

Description : first guitar sample I ever recorded... make some bangers! (electric guitar but recorded thru a microphone)

Description : simple dark piano out of tune please leave a link to ur work plz in comments

Description : oh okay fam

Description : A creepy melody for hard beats (Screamo / Trap Metal). Leave your work in the comments.

Description : Kinda creepy. Made with DX10, again.

Description : A kinda creepy loop made with DX10, Reverb and Gross Beat.

Description : creepy, but lit

Loops 1 - 25 of 191
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