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Description : creepy halloween style atmo made with free stigma emulator

Description : Old creepy piano
cubeatz style
lemme see what u can make!

Description : Creepy Piano Loop made on Fl Studio. Comment and show me what you've done

Description : Made with Creepy Piano
Drop links so i can see what you've made!

Description : Made using a Nexus piano preset, reversing the keys and lowering the attack. Creepy ambient vibe from this Travis Scott CuBeatz loop

Description : Link me what you got

Description : Link me what you got

Description : Link me what you got

Description : made a fast-paced synth arp and then half-timed it for a creepy horror melody. enjoy.

Description : Made with Creepy Piano, C# Minor 127BPM

Description : Detuned UFO synth in the style of Travis Scott and CuBeatz. Creepy and ambient trap melody

Description : went through a lot of effects. can sound nice with detune

Description : This is a creepy melody I came up with in fl, message me if used, I would love to see how people use it.

Description : Creepy high pitched keys in the style of CuBeatz, Travis Scott or Quavo. Made using Fruity Slicer, reversed audio and pitched up 1200 cents

Description : Somthing weird i've made that was laying around. Hope this is useful

Description : Please link what ever you make in the comments!

Description : If you are going to use this loop, then leave a link to the track in the comments.

Description : sounds creepy idk

Description : XXXTentacion x Smokepurpp Type Synths. Very creepy, ominous loop. Great for Florida inspired trap music. I forget exactly what plugins or sounds I used for this one. Drop what you made below in the comments, I will be reposting.

Tempo: 150bpm Key: Unkown

Description : FL Studio 20

Description : travis scott birds in the trap sing mcknight bell loop. dark creepy bells

Description : Made with Purity and omnisphere

Description : i just can´t get enough of this amazing plugin called "creepy piano". GOD, ITS MAZING!

C#-key in harmonic minor scale

enjoy :D

Description : I used the same midi from the previous one (as it seemed to be popular) however changed the instrument which gives it a completely different feel :)

Description : I was going for a creepy synth vibe, like what you hear on Stranger Things.
The key of this loop is actually C# Minor.

Loops 1 - 25 of 217
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