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Description : This one without a crash at the beginning.
Description : Beefy metal drums made from one shot samples. Some of the tuning may be off, don't know.
Description : Loops by YTMBeats & Pandorux All loops have no copyright and can therefore be freely used.
Description : Simple beat with ghost notes on the snare. Only the groove, nothing else, even crash cymbals or open hihat. Real played.
Description : A basic rock beat with Crash and Splash Cymbals played on an acoustic drum kit with sample replaced kick. High-hats on 8ths mixed open and closed. Snare on 2 and 4 with ghosts. Slightly Syncopated Kick Drum
Description : HH, OH, Clap, Snap, Sub Bass (as kick) Crash Cym. Made in FL 11.
Description : A cool Bigroom Buildup/Riser containing a self-made snare, a crash, 2 percs, an up synth, and the pryda snare
Description : Same groove as Hyper Basic Half Time Shuffle but with little variations, accents and crash cymbal.
Description : Dubstep drums that Xilent uses. Contains Kick,Snare,Crash and Hats
Description : some classic drums with a hard sidechain on crash
Description : Genre: House/ Deep House/ EDM Instrument: Roland TR-909 Electronic Drums Phrasing: Intro, Verse, Chorus/Drop
Description : This is another drum kit I finished up. Hope you all can use it! If you do can you please link me the song or project you used it in! thnx. Just the crash cymbals.
Description : 808 with a crash
Description : This is just a kick drum and crash for stops and endings. It does loop over 2 bars @ 130.
Description : I lost a friend in a car crash yesterday. These bells will change your world
Description : Recorded live on Pro Tools HD and looped on Ableton Live 9. BPM: 150
Description : Drums recorded live in my studio using Pro Tools HD and looped on Ableton Live 9. BPM: 150
Description : A weird, drum-like loop of effected synths in a 'beep,boop,beep,boop,beeb-boo-bee-boo,beep,boop' pattern with an effected cymbal at the end. Yes, the cymbal does do a little crash and suddenly stop. I made it do that on purpose for added effect. If you don't like it, don't use it. :)
Description : Kick/Snare, Hats, Crash cymbals and chants.
Description : Enjoy :)
Description : Gutter Rainbow Drum Loop With NO Crash
Description : Made with bass tones and an 808, salty snares and pounding kicks. Timpani used for additional flavor.
Description : Kick/Snare, Hats, Crash cymbals and chants.
Description : I'm listening to all Dubstep songs, and mostly Dubstep songs has intro's that begins with a Dubstep Drums loop. I thought, may i can make that. Here you go. Extra: The drum loop is combinated with a SFX crash.
Description : Dubstep beat programmed with Caustic 3 and mixed with Ableton. 4 bars at 150 bpm Big kick with snappy snare. Reverse snare and reverse spacey crash for extra effect. Busy hi hat pattern. Some gentle EQ and mix compression and reverb and slight delay on hats and reverse effects. Ready to go.
Loops 1 - 25 of 120
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