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Description : yop yop
Description : 8 bars using a nylon concert guitar.
Description : 8 Bars of a Classic Chorus Guitar.
I don't know what happen, but I had it listed as F# scale at 120 bpm; it's actually a Db (with 4 flats) at 60 bpm.
Description : IM BACK!!!!!!!!, Jus me giving back to the Looperman community. Would love to hear your work with any of my loops! Have fun! ^_^
Description : Much the same as Fiddle Work 1
This is actually in G minor using a Violin with adjustments.
Description : Only difference in a Violin and a Fiddle is the gene of music being played. A Fiddle sound is more so played in Country or Folk type music. A Violin sound is more so for Classical type music. This loop was created in an attempt to sound more so like a Fiddle. (4 bars)
Description : Using a Concert Guitar.
Description : boner forrest
Description : ughgss
Description : 8 bars of a AGML2 Guitar.
Description : Made with AGML2 Guitar
8 bars
Description : dsffh
Description : Made with Magix Music Maker 2014. I'm not sure about the Tempo. I uploaded it at 80 bpm, but when I downloaded it back from this site and play it back in the same program that made it, it shows it playing at 120 bpm. ????!
Description : How to make a Guitar sound like a Banjo.
This is C-F-G cords played on an Acoustic Guitar; using a DN-e1 set on "Fast Player" plucked mode.
At the time I learned this I had no Banjo instrument. I do now but still use this option as well.
Description : rhythmic blues/country harmonica 120 bpm D Harp for A
Description : .......
Description : ........
Description : sounds kinda country in a way
Description : 8 seamless bars of a plaintive solo whistle.
Description : 8 seamless bars of a brisk highly-swung shuffle, in the style of the 1955 Country-Pop hit, "16 Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford.
Description : acoustic drums recorded in protools but chopped it up to ma a six eight loop
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Description : acoustic drums double kick groove
Description : acoustic drums four four groove single kick
Description : Sounds like that country hip hop stuff some people do.
Description : Trap-Pop (kinda Country) drums made with acoustic sounds, slamming doors in various spaces, and other oddities.
Loops 1 - 25 of 135
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