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Description : 808 Subs in order are G#, G and go back and forth, with 808 claps with less reverb than normal, 4 different HH and percussion throughout with slight compression. Has kind of an old school feel to it

Description : composed by erfman beats. Leave your links in comment section.

Description : 808 kicks, the key of the 808 kicks is B, A , G and the key of the 808 Claps is G. Then there’s 808 HH and 909 HH, and a bright HH then a triangle and bell n other percussion.

Description : Clubish HipHop Drum Loop, fairly busy drum loop(as in there is quite a bit of stuff going on), 808 Claps, 2 kick drums 1 really deep almost sub type the other kick not so deep, several percussion instruments that have a BP filter on them, 4 different HH

Description : Uptempo Drum Loop for a Club style HipHop beat. Cool vibey beat with reverb snaps, then 808 claps, 2 different snaps, 2 different claps, 2 different kicks, one kick is in the key of G the other kick is in the key of D and a low Sub kick that is in the key of G, triangle and other percussion placed throughout. Let me know if it’s alright or if it sucks..

Description : Inspired by nine inch nails. Heavily compressed vengeance kick with layered vengeance snares/claps.

Description : HipHop Drum Loop. Fairly standard(by my standards) HipHop Drum Loop. Deep kick, 808 HH, high pitched SD, 808 Claps, Snaps, 808 Rimshot, . There’s 2 diff Kicks, 2 SD, 4 different closed HH & 1 HH FX. Most of Loop is in key of Gm and the rest in the key of Cm but it meshes.

Description : Just some claps from that beat.


Description : kick, 808, hats, claps, snares, rolls, everything
comment if you use this

Description : so... what I doing here?

Description : yes... is that

Description : Hi-hats, Kicks, Claps

Description : Claps loops put together from KRNE packs.

Description : Snares, Claps, HiHats, and Open Hats

Description : Use this one on one of them 100 bpm twerk trap beats with the double-time claps!

twerk twerk twerk twerk

Description : An RONNY J type Drum Loop which includes Kicks, Claps, Snares & Hi Hats.

Description : An original combination of claps/snaps from my Roland Groovebox 505.

Description : Different top loop. snap and claps

Description : Here it is how afrotrap claps and hihats sound like.

Description : Here it is how afrotrap claps sound like.

Description : Here it is some afrotrap drums.
There's a simple kick, claps and closed hihats.
Hope you like it.

Description : Ric Flair Drip claps - Remake

Description : Claps and tambourine top loop

Description : Have fun with it!

Description : Have fun with it!

Loops 26 - 50 of 278
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