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Description : Some large chords made in Nexus. Comment what you make.

Description : just some minor music box chords w/ reverb.

c-key in minor scale

enjoy :D

Description : electric guitar loop

Description : Hope usable

Description : BasicallyI just put together a synth and made some chords (Idk what chords though).

Look up daft pina and just listen to his background music.

Description : Gunna x Lil Baby Acoustic Guitar
Created with : GT Nylon + Velslide guitar
Tips : Pitch up or down add top notes and a flute and half time
Chords Played : F Minor, C Mimor, Eb.
For the midi just message me on Ig or via my email which you can find on my profile by clicking on my picture : )
Key : F Minor
BPM : 140
New loops uploaded everyday 7pm (GMT00:00) !!!

Description : Heavily inspired by Chu

Melody :
C5 G#4 F4 G#4 A#4 G4 E4 G4 C5 G#4 F4 C#5 A#4 E4 A#4 G4

Chords :
C3 G#2 F2 A#2 G2 E2 G3 C3 F2 F3 A#2 E2

Plugins used :
Ableton Grand Piano, Halftime, Retrocolor

Description : made using FB-3100 on ableton live 9. runs to go with the Lucid Depth Chords upload, comment a link if you use! thanks

Description : Some chords I hope are useful
Show me what you make I love that shit

Description : Let me know hear what you guys do with this :)

I can post one without chords in the background if you want also.

Made with Omnisphere and Nexus
(btw its minor... obviously)

Description : just some chords made with bells.

a-key in aeolian scale

enjoy :D

Description : 8 seamless bars of an angelic choir singing slow chords.

Description : Smooth rhodes piano melody over chords. Perfect for one of those "chill beats to do homework to" compilations :p

Sound: Omnisphere "Sweetness Rhodes"

Description : nice supersaw chords. Made in Serum

Description : Part 1 of 2
Sharing is caring
Check the profile for more

Description : BPM is 120! please link ur creations in the comments!

Description : Hope usable

Description : thought this sounded dope

Description : Pierre type reverse chords. The notes for each chord are: A5 F#5 D5 B4, G#4 E5 C#5 A4, and A5 D5 B4 G#4, G#5 E5 C#5 A4 respectively. Comment what you make with it.

Description : weird chord loop where the chords are like stuck in a paradox

G Minor btw

Description : A fat analogue synth patch plays some hypnotic chords. Made entirely with Qyooo , the free softsynth.

Implied Harmonies: Gm9----C6

Description : Young Thug x Lil Baby x Roddy Ricch Acoustic Guitar
Created with : Romance Acoustic in Electra X
Effects used : Reverb
Tips : Pitch up or down add top notes and a flute, Layer with pad and a piano
Chords Played : Eb Minor, G# Minor, F Diminished, D Diminished
For the midi just message me on Ig or via my email which you can find on my profile by clicking on my picture : )
Key : Eb Minor (Listed as E but it is actually Eb Minor)
BPM : 130
New loops uploaded everyday 7pm (GMT00:00) !!!

Description : Dry sample, so effects are all up to you! Add some reverb, compression, maybe even a chorus. Feel free to share your creation!

Description : Hope usable

Description : Piano Chords in B minor. Reverb

Loops 1 - 25 of 2365
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