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Description : Chords created with Serum. Sub created with Sytrus.
If you don't want sub, add an EQ and filter out the low frequencies.
Simple chord loop that can be used for all your friendly dubsteppy desires.
Description : I just made the 1st thing that came to mind. Not my normal trap ish, and idk if it can even be used in a beat, but I felt like sharing. It's a cheesy 80s piano sound, layered with a regular piano. The 1st half of the loop doesn't have the last chord or note(from the second half) played in it. You can just chop it in half if you don't like the second half xtras. PLEASE SHARE WHAT YOU MAKE IF YOU USE IT. I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR ANYTHING THAT COULD BE MADE FROM IT. The key is C major.
Description : Yo! Post what you guys make from this loop!

pair this with the other two chord progressions for a cool vibe
Description : Yo! Post what you guys make from this loop!

Pair this with the other two chord progressions for a nice vibe
Description : Yo! Post what you guys make from this loop!

pair this with the other chord progressions for a nice sound!
Description : Calm Trap Chord Lead
Description : put your glowsticks to the air boys
Description : made with nexus expansion pack : London On The Track Choir. Comment what you make I'll give feed back.
Description : Dm7-G-C-A kinda lofi-ish piano chord progression with some reverse effect
Love to hear whatever you guys make so hmu with a link or somethin :)
Description : Spent most of my night making chord progressions and melodies. This is one of them that I could honestly use myself, but I'm feeling generous today. ~side-note~ don't ask me about the names. Usually when I save my project file, I just type in the first thing that comes to my head. This one just happened to be Huddle...
Description : drowning type chord progression, also my first loop tell me what you think
Description : This is a chord progression a came up with. Messed with it to get its sound right.
made in fl studio 12.
Hope you like it.
Let me know what you think!

Please send me a link if you used my loop :)
Description : Here is my newest Future Bass Chord Progression Feel free to use it :)
When you used it, please leave the link in the comment, would love to hear what you made :)
Key should be D Major
Description : I made this loop with propellerhead reason 8 and it includes: opened and closed hihats, a kick and a bass drum, a basic rim and a rim distorted, a combined snare and clap, 2 different types of shaker, a tambourine with reverb, an fx vinyl crack and a chord fx.
Enjoy and if you like it, please leave comments
Description : Chilled 8 Bar Piano Chord Progression.
Description : Epiano made with plugin DPiano-E with slight reverb and delay
Description : Trumpet chord made on FL studio key G
Description : Here's a guitar chord loop that I made then reversed. Let me know if you'd like the original. G# and 120bpm
Description : Daw: FL studio 12
VST : Nexus
Hope you like it :)
Note : i didn't add bassline. if you do, i think it will sound great . thanks
Description : Hello There!
This chord progression fits nicely with my other loop uploaded called "Fresh Beat" so I higlhy recommend using it if you haven't got a cool beat yet! Let me know if you have something with this chord progression :) I'm looking forward to it!
Description : A piano progression I made using Logic Pro X. Chord Progression is Cm-Ab-Eb-Bb-Cm-Ab-Bb-Eb-Bb.
If you use this loop I would love to hear what you made with it. Otherwise, enjoy and good luck!
Description : Electric guitar chord pattern.
Description : A simple chord progression with a smooth synth.
(Please show me what you made out of it:))
Description : Played in: Amin

Chopped my own created sample :)
Description : A chord progression with some editing with Gross Beat, it has a jazzy touch. (please let me hear what you made of it :))
Loops 1 - 25 of 836
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