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Description : Violão real VST FL STUDIO

Description : comment if used

Description : Used in my recent track, Fluidity. Like the chord pattern. Not really sure what genre but I used it in a trap-like break. (Used the online chiptune studio, BeepBox.)
I apologise for improper notation and such. That bit didn't really need to be in there anyway, haha.

Description : Made with a Fazioli Grand Piano VST patch with some highpass filtering and reverb.

Root note: D
First chord: Dm
Send me beats/songs down below!

Description : I believe the chord progression is
A6 - G# - F# - G#9

Let me know if you make anything with it ;)

Description : Trying to make something in my own 'style' at the minute. These are the main chords from said project.

Description : a little chord progression i made for a song i was working on

note: works in 110 bpm too

Description : beautiful bell pads brought to life with ambient chirps and textures

nice simple chord progression to get you started

comment what you use it in!

Description : E G B chord synth,

Description : E G B chord prettty good for dubstep and beats! :D

Description : I think someone could make a fire beat with this chord progression! Show me what you got. =]

Made with ANA 2.

Description : Simple chord progression on a rhodes piano. If you make anything out of this, please drop it in the comments, I'm really curious to see what you make.

Description : Simple chord progression on a retro grand piano. If you make anything out of this, please drop it in the comments, I'm really curious to see what you make.

Description : Beautiful chord progression meant for a chill calm singer with a very subtle beat on it.

Post links below if any!

Description : piano chords , give me a link of your job !

Description : Cool piano chords, it is 4/4 until the last bar which is 3/4.


Description : A chill chord progression with an eGuitar made by Spitfire as a melody

Description : 128 BPM, Minor Harmonic Scale in G#

Link me your work.

Description : Pop seems quite fun to make, since it shares some features of future bass.

Description : Mysterious / lofi / chill / sad chord loop

If you want this loop in another sound or tempo check out my profile or message me if it isn't there.

If you make something with this please send me an email or leave a link! ;D

Can't wait to hear it!!

Do you want a MIDI file of this? Check out my profile!!

Description : Perfect for lofi/chillhop music

Chord prog: Em - C- F#(b9)sus - C

Description : 8 bar chord loop, 80s vibes, made using Serum and F9 Grid Trilogy plugins.

Description : A chord progression make on the KORG Krome

Description : chord progression
half time
arp preset

Description : Exhale, chord progression :) just some fun stuff
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