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Description : Here's a loop for you. Two E-Pianos from a free plugin called Zebralette. Great for some chill lo-fi. Chord progression: Fm(But with a d on top), Bb, D7, Bb

Description : Quick little chord progression I whipped up, kinda fun, kinda sad.

Description : 129 BPM
Chords: Amaj7, Dmaj7, Fmaj7
Sound: Omnisphere; love orga glide preset

Please post a link of you using this loop!
Have an amazing cooking sesh

Description : This is a very simple chord progression I played in one of my old instrumentals, 'Suffering in Silence', in the key of D minor if I remember correctly. This is version 1 of 3. Feel free to show me what you made

Description : Throw on some izotope vinyl or someting and some lofi drums. Add a sub bass and voilá, your beat is done. Or just do whatever you feel like. The chord progression is rather wierd:
((:Cm Cmb5)(Gm Gmsus4?:))
Syncope between Cm and Cmb5. Same thing between Gm and Gmsus4.
I didn't what to call Gmsus4, but basically it's just a Gm with a c instead of a d on top.
I'd love to hear what you've come up with. Just leave a comment down below.
Have a nice time

Description : A quite awful sounding bell through gross beat and some other effects. The key is C minor and the chord progression is :Cm Fm Cm Gm:. I'd love to see what you've come up with:).
Have a nice time

Description : Chord progression made with ElectraX
Key : A# Major

Description : So, I was gonna use this in one of my songs but I got stuck and decided to let it go.

I can not wait to hear what you make out of this beautiful loop.

Chord progressions are F#m, Amaj

Description : a bit Equalized and with Reverb

Description : lmao i was working on a chord progression for a sad song but accidentally messed the notes up and now it sounds like a dreamland sad love song.

Description : This is a Cubeatz type melody which is in E harmonic minor. I recommend throwing this in Fruity Slicer if you use FL Studio. The first chord is an E minor chord (E G B), then a D# diminished (D# F# A), followed by an F# Diminished (F# A C). Then the last measure has two half note chords which are just another F#dim and then a Emin. I hope you enjoy!

Description : A very busy synth patch plays a sustained F7 chord. 8 seamless bars.

Description : Nice and jazzy chord progression with effects like Maximus. Please leave in the comments what you've made with this.

Description : Reversed a chord progression and put random effects on it. Lotta compression went on. Key shown was used before reversing.

Description : This is a powerful chord loop. It is 8 Bars and suits melodic Dubstep.

Description : Finally bought Avenger. Custom Sound and Chord progression.

Description : Pierre type reverse chords. The notes for each chord are: A5 F#5 D5 B4, G#4 E5 C#5 A4, and A5 D5 B4 G#4, G#5 E5 C#5 A4 respectively. Comment what you make with it.

Description : made on Fl

Description : Jazzish Chord Progression
Key : G Minor

Description : weird chord loop where the chords are like stuck in a paradox

G Minor btw

Description : Leave a link if you make something with it. I was going to make a track with it, but lost the vibe. Here's the notes for my people that cant play by ear.

First Chord A E C E B
Second Chord F C D F C
Third Chord G D B D A

Description : sad chord progression in an arpeggio style. if you make something out of this please let me hear it! :)

Description : Just some simple string chords:
1st chord: C, D#, G
2nd chord: C#, D#, G#

Description : I'm calling this "Jazzy Chords," due to the voicing's I use. You could totally make RnB, Trapsoul, or a J. Cole Type Beat out of this.
1st half (chords) 2nd half (chords+melody)

KEY: F# Major
CHORDS: BMajor - A#7b13 - A#7#9 - D#min7 - Dmin7 - C#min7 - F#7b13
B Major - A#7b13 - D#minor - Amin6
NOTE: (the Dmin7 is a chromatic chord, a chord out of the key)
BASS NOTES: B - A# - D - D# - C# - A#
B - A# - D# - A#


Description : Made by ZedEffBeatz
Made in D Phrygian scale

Loops 1 - 25 of 1004
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