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Description : Spacey chord spikes starting with a D Minor chord at 97BPM.
Share what you make!

Description : A nice choppy atmospheric synth gate for a nice dark piece.

Description : Cool Chord progression out of omnisphere

Description : Kinda synth stab thing chord progression. Pretty dope if you ask me...

Description : Was working on an idea for a song but I can't come up with anything so maybe you guys can.

Description : 8 bar loop. Used with an instance of Shredage Jupiter on Kontakt. Sounds cool if pitched up or down, so try that out if you wanna get a different sound from this loop. Could be used for a variety of Hip-Hop sub-genres

Description : Just playing with a demo of a new vst i found.

Chord progression for pixies where is my mind

Description : Here's a chord stack I made as an apology for not uploading as much as I want to be. Got a lot going on in life right now, and haven't really been putting much effort into anything. [Very Loud BTW]

Description : Hope you enjoy :)

Description : link your creations.

Description : leave a link :)

Description : leave a link please :)

Description : Contact if you need chords ;)
Also put link if u make anything with this loop.

Description : Contact if you need chords ;)
D# minor
128 BPM

Description : leave a link :)
the key is C i think

Description : A large mixed choir sings an "AHH" chord on sophisticated jazz tones.

Implied Harmonies: D13-----E13

Description : Share what you make

Description : Key is F# Lydian. A 8 bar chord prog using a Rhodes Piano instance in Omnisphere

Description : 8 hours of sound design on this one
2 hours of chord finding
30 minutes of melody writing

Description : A summery perky li'l rhythm, produced by running a sustained synth chord through a very old VST plugin called Anarchy Rhythms.

Harmonies: Gmaj9---Cmaj9---Gmaj9---Cmaj9

Description : Simple chord progression for a Russ type beat. Comment if you make some heat with this!

Description : Pop/Hip Hop/R&B

Description : Roots: D#, E, D#, E

Comment beats down below!

Description : This goes great with the bells and reverse chord I just uploaded.. enjoy

Description : cool reverse synth

Loops 1 - 25 of 1163
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