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Description : Show me what you got.

Chords: Emaj7, G#m7, C#m add 11, Bmaj7

Description : Goes with "Jumpy Chord Loop"

Send me your work.

Description : Send me what you got.

Description : Vocal loop melody made with Harmor on a C tritone chord. Horror vibe.

Description : Future Bass Chord Arp

Description : Happy chord progression using omnisphere.

have fun with this melody and link it so i can listen

Description : Key C
Chord Progression:
C Dm C Em C Dm A Bm Dm

Description : Chord Loop

Description : A melody with chord progression that I made in omnisphere

Description : A synth piano fusion in the C# major chord

Description : This is a Juice Wrld Type loop
and i thought it could be useful for a beat,
send your Links! I wanna hear them beats!

Chord Progression: Gm, F, Eb, Bsus2, A/F

Description : Link below if used.

Description : Could sound cool slowed down? Let me know in the comments if you make something with it!

Description : Used the e-piano from Spitfire audio.

Description : honestly dont even know

Description : link we what you came up with!

chord progression i - IV - V - i


Description : i've made an unsual chord progression
my best suggestion is to chop it up

Description : Chord Progression : Am, Dm, F, Em

Hope you can use it in one of your projects :)

Try using Grossbeat and stuff

Post your links below!

Description : SHow Me Your Work In The Comments

Description : I hate this chord idk why it just sounds so stupid

Description : Pad chord progression I never used. Can be used for multiple genres. please link me to your project if you use this loop.

Description : Some jazzy chords I made in Nexus. The scale is F# Dominant Bebop. The progression is: A# F D#, G# F C#, B F# D#, C# G# E. I layered the same chord progression but an octave lower.

Description : Chord loop
Made in Nexus

Description : first chord's notes are : A C E
second chord's notes: G B D
the chords are 4 bars long , i just couldn't let go of the tail.
let me know what you did.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1094
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