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Description : Drop your project link in comments I'd love to hear :)

And Thanks for the Download -LouisK

Description : MMG Type Choir
Made with Nexus
Contact me for Collaboration

Description : Reposted without choir in the background. Let me hear what you do with this!

Made with Nexus and Omnisphere
key = c minor

Description : dm your work

Description : Choir from Nexus, goes with my Counter1 loop!

Description : Hey diary. It's been a minute since I posted here so I guess I'll start like this.

Description : Angelic choir with a boy soprano added.

Description : 8 seamless bars of an angelic choir.

Description : 8 seamless bars of an angelic choir singing slow chords.

Description : An SATB choir sing Ooohs.

Implied Harmonies: Gm---C---Gm---Dm7

Description : Piano in Bm. Layers with Dark Choir 1

Description : Dark Choir in B minor. Layers with Piano Layer for Dark Choir 1

Description : Check out my stuff in bio!

Description : Choir for you make a sound!

Description : Make your next dope royalty free hit! Make money off of me if you can. Keep all of what you make. You will only need a couple of these. Bring your own bass, drums, and fxs.

Description : A female choir sings "Ooohs" in a big, expressive church environment. 8 seamless bars.

Implied Harmonies: Fm---Cm---G7---Cm

Description : late but happy new years to everyone!

Description : Choir Voice for you make a sound!

Description : Choir Voice for you make a sound! Use delay stay best!

Description : A 6-piece male choir sings pop-style Oohs.

Implied Harmonies: F#---B---F#---G#


Description : I'm back again, uploading two samples in a row.
This is a second loop of the same tempo but different chords.
This might fit with heavy metal (I'm not guaranteeing) for people who want to add a symphonic element to their song.

Description : I made this loop using the free programme MuseScore I used Baritone,Tenor and Bass voices to create this loop. I added some reverb to give it a full sound using audacity. please show me what you've created. This could work with heavy metal.

Description : Here's some background about this loop I hope it's usable and works with your tracks:
- I assembled this properly using Audacity I brought it to life by adding some reverb and a touch of delay to give it some texture.
Please link below how you use it.
- And did you know that I'm terrible at writing melodies.
But never the less I hope it works please let me know in the comments below you want me to publish the original file without all the fancy effects.

Description : Hello,
This loop should fit with the sinister choir loops .

Description : It's me again.
Here's some variety if you like loops of this same category.
Hope it's usable.
Please link below what you do with it. I'm very interested to hear how it sound

Loops 1 - 25 of 782
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