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Description : DJ Mustard x Migos Type Choir

Description : Hope usable

Description : Used - Omnisphere 2

Description : Sounds great, lmk when you make a banger w it

Description : chords and melody

Description : Basic Meek Mill Choir
C Phrygian Scale

Made with Omnisphere.

If you used this loop I would love to hear it!

Any inquires regarding collabs, midis and personal loops feel free to message me.

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Description : Hope usable

Description : YMW Melly x Kanye West Type Choir
Made with Nexus 2 stocksound.

Description : Hope this is useful

Description : Used - Omnisphere 2

Description : Made in Reaper, link your transformations

Description : Female choir sings a soulful progression in a big church.

Harmonies: Emaj7-------F#min7

Description : Used - Omnisphere 2

Description : 1 Choir Aahs melody 2 my page

Description : Hope usable

Description : A lush choir sings a descending minor progression.

Description : A bright mixed choir sings dreamy chords.

Implied Harmonies: B13----Emaj9

Description : A large mixed choir sings an "AHH" chord on sophisticated jazz tones.

Implied Harmonies: D13-----E13

Description : Guitar loop made with a kontakt patch. Layered with a choir.

Description : Movie Seq Choir Pad is great for Horror Mystery type Ambient BGM for your usage. Experiment and try out other sides of these varied tonalities.

Description : Piano with Piano choir chords.

Description : Epic Classic Choir

Description : Made using a Vst on FL, send me your transformations

Description : 150 BPM
Omnisphere Choir Preset
F minor Scale

Click on my picture to find out how to get the Midi file!
comment your cookups and i'll leave u feedback


Loops 1 - 25 of 902
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