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Description : A nice chill Lo-Fi type sample I put together with some nice static fx in the background. Show me what you make

Description : Chill Lo-Fi Sounding Guitar. Can be used for any genre.

Post a link down below if you end up making anything!

Description : Somehow chill but also darkish vibe

Have fun with it

Description : Chill icytwat loop

Description : Matches well with the Piano Sample I just uploaded

Description : Show me your creativity...

Description : Added echo for effect

Description : Piano part for my previous loop

Description : This is a Chill hiphop/rap/lo-fi hiphop drumloop.
This one is a bit more advanced then the last one, and imo it has some more emotion added to it.

Description : Chill loop I made using a synth I found called Sunrise Key

Description : show me what you madee pleasseeeeee

Description : SHATT3R
130 BPM

Description : Chill vibeee

Description : Made with Battery 4

Description : Chill ambient guitar suited to make a beat in style of Gunna

Description : Golden bpm leads to good trap. Take it and make it boi!

Description : chill little loop

Description : Take it and make it! Then post it... and message me for questions.

Description : Piano, bell, pad, all chill. Go ham on this someone, show me what you make.

Description : Piano loop with Metro vibes. Chill loop, show me your tracks!

Description : Used some Omnisphere and messed with some effects. Ambient and chill. Definitely has some Carti/Uzi vibes to it. Show me what you do with it!

Description : littlebit wave from sakura in fl studio
keys: C, E, G
bpm 120

hope you like it

tags: trap chill wave wavy melody sakura shade mrtowers

Description : Real chill hours. Fill the gap at the start with chords and stuff (that's what it's there for).

Description : Check my Instagram account for collaborations

Description : Cool little thing I made.

Loops 76 - 100 of 1640
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