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Description : show me ur work

Description : Made with omnisphere
effects : Slomo / Backmask
Show me Your beats :D

Description : This gave me a really chill r&b vibe.

minor aeolian scale

Description : Dark trap loop i made today hope you can use it :D feel free to link your creations used with this loop =)

Description : i mean i thought of a better name for it but what else really is there? please leave whatever you made with it

Description : different than what i normally post. still hope its usable in some way. if it is please link what you made with it.

Description : chill

Description : without effects

Description : Without effects

Description : Kinda Gunna type beat

Description : chill cut melody w some piano thrown in... linkkkk

Description : show me what you make!!!

Description : Synth/pluck made in massive

Description : Nostalgia

Description : chill Cminor pad melody, link what you make!!!

Description : chill Cminor crystal bells, link me what y'all make

Description : Toxic Biohazard, Halftime Plugin

If you use this, I'd love to hear it so comment the link to your beat

Description : cool loop made with omnisphere because this plugin is fire
send me what you make :)

Description : Here's a loop for you. Two E-Pianos from a free plugin called Zebralette. Great for some chill lo-fi. Chord progression: Fm(But with a d on top), Bb, D7, Bb

Description : Read a book, watching netflix, kiss your dog, just relax before the upcoming week. . .

Description : A soft lead made with a Roland TB3, Sound good on chill tracks, ambiant or Hip Hop.

Share if you use it !

Description : Chill out Piano Bell Strings Thing 120

If you stressed out...Just breath into your balls boys.

Description : Key: G minor

Comment below for Rating

Description : Piano from my track THOUGHTS, another variation
Use for free
Send track if you'll use it

Description : Piano from my track THOUGHTS
Use for free
Send track if you'll use it

Loops 1 - 25 of 1224
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