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Description : chill r&b chords - first loop posted! more like these coming soon.
Description : Simple Chords
Description : enjoy (sample from my kit :))
Description : chill loop
Description : Trippy chill loop made in Maschine. I couldn't think of what to do with it. I would love to hear what other could do.
Description : The world seems to stop turning whenever I think of you. (Used this online device/site-thingamajigg called "Jam Studio". They had some pre-built instruments laid out for me.. So I kinda just took two guitars and had them play the chord progression below! Chord Progression: Dmaj - F#min -Emin - Gmin Either way: I sincerely hope you enjoy it! This place seems pretty chill!
Description : simple drums. with filter snare, shake...
Description : Simple synth. I played with size reverb.
Description : ...........
Description : Another Smooth Little Melody Loop. Great For Chill Beats. Custom Made Instrument As Well. 100 Percent Original. 100 Percent Royalty Free. Questions? Contact Us. Check Out Our Profile For More! Enjoy!
Description : Very chill sounding Vibrophone. Can be used with many genres
Description : a beat i made that sounds really chill
Description : ?_?
Description : Nexus piano. sry i dont know the key ¯\_(?)_/¯
Description : pitched pad
Description : Chill piano with a little pitch
Description : little snare with reflections reverb + stomp and fx
Description : i can't do more simple hahah
Description : I am stucked in the chill Zone. But I kinda like it. Its night and it is the last day of School. I feel like I am Floating...and this Plays in ma head. I wish you all a very good evening/night. Last Loop for today leave u with a very chill and good feel.
Description : Deep Chill out Drums that I want use in a Project goes with rhe deep organ Loop. pls leave a comment if u use this loop
Description : Deep Chill out Organ that I want use in a Project but I didnt u got it. Pls leave comment if u use this Loop.
Description : KEY: Ab-maj TEMPO: 80bpm chill-ass bed for some underground Shh
Description : Couldn't really use this on my project. Link me if you use - would love to hear.
Description : pretty versatile beat, quite similar to one used by kanye in a song that i forget the name of. Used it in the song 'sleepyhead' that i uploaded here ;)
Description : Ambient synth part inspired by Yung Lean. I made it through Massive on Ableton Live 9. If you like this loop, feel free to check out some of my other ones. Thanks.
Loops 1 - 25 of 606
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