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Description : Vocal ad-libs/chants mimicking hi-hats.
Description : Hard hitting 808 kick. No snare/clap, hat, chant... nothing at all just raw 808 kick. I noticed only few of such exist in here so here is one more
Description : Feel free to use this loop and feel free to post a link to your beat if you use it. I'd like to see what y'all come up with.
Description : made on fl, did that chant thing AGAIN. Comment what you made (link in the description) Check the soundcloud out! -H
Description : hi hi hi hi hhhi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
Description : 8 bars without chant, 8 bars with, split as you need
Description : Recorded in Audacity with my own voice. It may sound bad, but it went well with some drums. I used this in my song "Butts N Ashes" last week. So you can see how I used it. Let me know if ya use it! I'd love to hear what ya make with it. Feel free to message me on SoundCloud or whatever if ya wanna collaborate, or need a remix, or anything really. I'd be happy to help! Have a blessed day.
Description : I'm the plug
Description : male chant 140bpm
Description : I wanted to make a track that I thought represented the old Three 6 Mafia vibe. I hope you enjoy this and can use it.

Made using Ableton Live
Description : Kick, snare, hats, and a chant.
Description : Loops by YTMBeats & Pandorux

All loops have no copyright and can therefore be freely used.
Description : super dope drum loop for trap songs use at will!
Description : I didn' think my latest loops were going to do so well... So... Here's more!

Please let me know if you plan on using my loops.
Description : I found this voice in some internet archives, and decided to enchance it. I also maked a loop but there are clicks, so i uploaded only sample. Have a good day.
Description : Nelly Ahh Chant, with Gross beat. just to add a little flavor to your track, enjoy.
Description : As requested by JAEMUSIK.
Description : Satanic disciples chant at a black mass.
Description : The signature chant you always here in trap songs!
Description : it seems like a lot of people are always asking where to get this chant so i figured i'd upload it
Description : Has 808, snare roll, and Chant
Description : Chants as if your outside a club. Good for outros/intos or bridges.
Description : rick rock chant with some fast hats
Description : Here you go moeestermusic ;)
Loops 1 - 25 of 34
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