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Description : A great buildup usually added to (Jersey Club Music) Please comment / share what you came up with, would love to hear :]

Description : heavy buildup made for dubstep, I intentionally didn't put any percussion so you can create the buildup however you like... Enjoy and Have Fun :)

Description : I was messing around with sytrus and it turned out pretty good!

Description : another buildup loop and maybe my last for a while?
white noise that goes for 7 and 3/4 bars then dies and come back in the last fourth, really goes into almost any genre

Description : a snare build to go into the last eight bars of a buildup
i put it under dubstep because its at 140 bpm but it would be nice in any electronic genre.

Description : Another riser build made with harmor and sytrus. Guys, I honestly can't continue to do this if I don't have your support. so if you want to continue hearing, and downloading my loops, all I ask is that you subscribe to my new youtube channel, if I can reach 200 subscribers, ill release a loop pack (via video link) with over 30 dubstep/trap/electronic loops. also, If I can get enough subscribers and support, I may start tutorials for fl studio 11, upon request. feel free to check out some of my songs too:L

Description : Snappy snare for a good drop. 140 BPM. Enjoy!

Description : Deep bass kick for a good drop. 140 BPM.

Description : FUNGUS TIME!!

Description : Great for a dubstep Buildup/intro snyth! Pads and 2 types of plucks

Description : I haven't made any of my recent songs into loops for you guys, but I think it's about time I brought something out. Enjoy!

Ps. Sorry about the tempo. That's going to make these impossible to work with, I know.

Description : This is one of about thirty loops I'm using to build an intro to a song right now (the intro is 30 minutes long oy vey) and I'm only uploading a few, possibly just this one if it doesn't do well, but for right now it's just the main part of the first progression, no buildup or breakdown into the next part. I made it using a web program called audio sauna, it's pretty laidback but still danceable, please enjoy. :) I can't remember the key signature, so I'll let you know sharps and flats when I can.

Description : LEAVE COMMENTS PLEASE :D this is a gated trancepad buildup or accompanyment using staccato notes in D# it goes well with the dark bass melodies and other melodies i have uploaded. at least the ones in D# minor :P anyways, Enjoy!

Description : this is a D# then a octave of D# using a gated trance pad

Description : I fully erased the sequences I used for Dark Hero, and re-used the instruments that I had set up. I bring you: Hell on Earth.

Description : I fully erased the sequences I used for Dark Hero, and re-used the instruments that I had set up. I bring you: Hell on Earth.

Description : Made With Fl Studio 9

Description : Made With Fl Studio 9

Description : I decided to hack away at one of my songs on Newgrounds and get as many loops from it as I could for you guys.

These are the progressions I used in Hack.Infection.

Description : Just listen!
This one is at 140

Description : This is a pretty dynamic loop. Try experimenting at the provided BPM and increasing up through 130bpm (without warping in Ableton). You'll have nice buildup to a high energy track!

Description : Sounds like a plane taking off. This could be used for a buildup in any genre really.

Description : This track includes two Synthesizers. A Trance Chorder and the legendary Gold Saw, which everybody uses. This is almost CASCADA sounding in the way I made the Chord sound. This is the buildup/intro part to the second part of the loop which I am uploading.

Description : This is the same as Variation 2, only there are a few things cut up. This is a segway to another synthesizer or a soft point in the song. It could be used as a buildup to!! It's a gold saw and is beated at 140bpm

Description : This is a variation of the "Trance Synth Buildup" I used two sequenced pads in FL studio to create this double layered track. Beat is 140bpm

Loops 76 - 100 of 115
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