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Description : Lean back and take a break from the loop search :)

Description : Piano chord/melody loop I've made for my new lo-fi song called "covfefe break"
I liked it a lot so I thought you could like it too :)
(Plugins used: ReFX Nexus, iZotope Vinyl)
Scale should be E harmonic minor but !DON'T QOUTE ME FOR THAT!
If it's not please correct me, thanks!

Description : amen break classic

Description : Used in my recent track, Fluidity. Like the chord pattern. Not really sure what genre but I used it in a trap-like break. (Used the online chiptune studio, BeepBox.)
I apologise for improper notation and such. That bit didn't really need to be in there anyway, haha.

Description : More of a break snare than a drop one.

Description : Hard Boom Bap Lofi Hip Hop Drum Break 95 BPM

Description : Great Mother of Metal! Doing this last one and taking a break for a while after this one. Rock this one HARD, PLEASE!

Description : Eerie sound effect, useful as impact, break or atmosphere maker. Counts 8 bars.

If this inspires you, I'd love to hear what you did with it. Enjoy!

Description : From my recent project.

Description : Spooky sound effect, four bars long at 108 bpm. Use as intro or weird break.

Please, if used, I'd like to hear the result!

Description : yeah... sorry about me ghosting everyone (here and in soundcloud.) of course my computer would malfunction and break. currently has been in the shops for 4 - 5 weeks now and i don't have any clue when i am getting it back. for now, here is a loop i made a while back that i found on my hard drive :] stay safe

Description : break your speakers

Description : want the MIDI click the link in my about me section!

Description : want the MIDI click the link in my about me section!

Description : want the MIDI click the link in my about me section!

Description : A classic break.

Description : I chopped a drum break and layered it with other drum samples. Loop features vers portion and hook. Ayo check out my soundcloud mayne :)

Description : breakbeat.... fruity loops 11

Description : A really fast break I threw together for a piece that didn't work out how I wanted it too.

Description : A loop from one of my beats
check my profile bio for more

Description : Something for dnb let me know in the comments if you made something with this

Description : Synthetic Drum Pattern/Break/Fill never used by Genesis

Description : Number One Soul Brother, Mr. Funktatsic, is back with an interpretation of the Funky Drummer Break section. Of course, nothing beats the original break. I am just having fun with it and I hope you do the same.


Description : Break beat

Description : a break effect, harpish sound with two added layers. Sound runs at 120 bpm and counts 4 bars (delay and reverb included)

Loops 1 - 25 of 659
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