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Description : Simple Brass Loop

Description : Hybrid / trap brass

Description : Flex vst

Description : Used a key known as Sunset Brass

Description : Virtual Instrument: NI Kontakt

Description : M-Audio Keystation 88es

Kontakt : Brass-Jeezy Horns

Description : Goes well with hard drums
let me know what u did

Description : Fruity loops 11

Description : Brass loop made on nexus

Main melody is:
D - A# - G - D#

Description : kick, snare,rim, brass snare, hats, typical african conga

Description : treated kick, snare, hats,cymbals and brass snare respectively

Description : made with Vintage Mellotron instrument on logic pro

Description : Virtual Instrument: SONIVOX Orchestral Companion - Brass

Description : arp made from a brass

Description : Royal Brass Loop idea sketch 001 for an Orchestral track extra I made for a film that didn't need these extra parts. Enjoy. If any questions leave a message in the comments or use the Contact page here, Thank you.

Description : if anyone remembers epic minequest, you should know where that pre drop shout is from. I´m uploading all the layers seperately now, because of loopermna guidelines.

Build Up is at 160 BPM, risers and fx are in d-key

enjoy :S

Description : An arp made from bell's and a brass

Description : From a Beat i made; i thought it was pretty dope
Meek Mill x J cole ish?
Middle child ish?
Enjoy :P

Description : made in nexus

Description : Using nexus brass let me see what you can do

Description : Trap Creepy Piano My Wave goes with the trap brass Bpm 140

Description : Trap Brass Bpm 140

Description : Another loop, brass this time, let me know what you make with it :)

Description : Some brass chords preamped and detuned

Please let me know what you think! :)

If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it! :)

Description : A sorrowful orchestral brass loop in C minor. The chords are C sus4 +5 and Cm +5.

Loops 1 - 25 of 789
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