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Description : From my track, bombs on your chest..
Description : Program: ableton live 10 suite
comment if u like it and and I'll upload more!
Description : ........
Description : nothing special,if you like then very special.
Description : #dope
Description : #rising
Description : this loop could be used for anything really but would make a nice rap beat.
Description : this is the 2nd part of piano bomb and it is not 2 loops stacked on top of each other, its all one pattern created with the same piano in one loop.
Description : Reason 5 creation
Description : Another little Dirty TB303 Bass Line
Description : Wobble bass, industrial style
Watch how loud you turn it up cause the bass will drown it out...
Key is G# or Ab but it doesn't really matter since it's chromatic...
Description : A pretty nifty bomb like sound!
if you want the bomb sound without the explosion like sound in the beginning, email me.
I took my second lesson from youtube on using FL Studio. It was all about re creating your own beats from other samples using fruity slicer and SliceX. Enjoy
Description : Misery and chaos
Description : Be very very careful reminder
Description : Big Xplosion
Description : not sure what genre this belongs to... i made this using 3x osc on FL9 if you use it tell me so i can hear it in action lol
Description : Made with Sony Acid Studio 7.0 VST Midi Plugin and Amore FX
Description : nice boom or bomb fx
Description : Here's a dive bomb with a whammy bar.

Again, I used the G-90 for this series.
Description : No smoking area groove
Description : Break Madness at my best :)
Description : was going to use this for my new track but I thought I'd bless you guys with it instead...enjoy :)
Loops 1 - 23 of 23
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