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Description : For blues
Description : For hiphop or blues rock
Description : Sitar loop (solo) in dastgah "Nava" ( Re minor).For Gary
Description : Dub blues
Description : Omnisphere
Description : Omnisphere sound
Scale is D sharp blues with an F
Description : nexus 2 C Minor Scale
Description : Slow Psycho Blues
Description : Slow Psycho Blues
Description : Slow Psycho Blues
Description : Slow psycho blues
Description : Drums and bass perfect for boom bap hip hop in scale of blues. If you use it in a song, I'd love to hear it.
Description : Electric piano Loop
Description : 6 bars of a Saxophone
Description : ........Can Be Used In Blues
Description : I have another trap bell thingamajig right here for ya. Its kind of simple, but I think it sets the tone...
Description : Tiny sad
Description : Sexy one
Description : Sexy.
Description : A slow tempo rhythm good for blues or any kind of slow beat

Share your beats if you use it
Description : rhythmic blues/country harmonica 120 bpm D Harp for A
Description : Creamin'
Description : Spiritual
Description : You can change the order
Description : Bluesy harploop with warm tube sound
Loops 1 - 25 of 1184
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