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Description : Tiny sad
Description : Sexy one
Description : Sexy.
Description : A slow tempo rhythm good for blues or any kind of slow beat

Share your beats if you use it
Description : rhythmic blues/country harmonica 120 bpm D Harp for A
Description : Creamin'
Description : Spiritual
Description : You can change the order
Description : Bluesy harploop with warm tube sound
Description : Blues or Chill Out Guitar 120 BPM
Description : Blues harmonica lick . Played on a hohner blues harp
D for blues in A
Description : Soulful/bluesy riff played on a 1954 Conn 10m
Description : Rocky Solo Riff
Description : Rocky Solo Riff
Description : A improvised saxophone melody. It can be used for jazz,blues, lofi hip hop, jazzhop...As long as it vibes.
Make sure to link any song you make,I'm curious how people will use this sample ^^
If needed
Bassline Dm///C///Dm///C/// x3 Bb///Bb///
Description : A thumping, highly-swung andante blues guitar riff.

Implied Harmonies: E (no third)---A (no third)
Description : 4 seamless bars. A Hammond organ plays 12/8 ballad rhythm.

Implied Harmonies: A----Bm----Bm----A
Description : I'm working on my black keys now, that's why it sounds so jazzy. This loop was played in the c blues scale.
Description : A funky riff on electric guitar reminiscent of 60's and 70's Funk.

Implied Harmony: D7#9 (D Blues)
Description : An electric guitar plays a 1950's Bo Diddley hand-jive groove.

Implied Harmony: B7 (B Blues)
Description : Description : A SELF RECORDED ACU GUITAR. BLUES ATTACK. WITH A BRITISH TAil. 2000s 90s style
more loop on my profile
THE PART 1 of this loop on my page

2000s 90s style

more loop on my profile
Description : In the key of G minor. Keen to hear anything you make with it
Description : Alone
Description : Soul Blues Rhythm with a Slap to it. Medium SSL Comp on drum bus.
Keeps the head bobbing
Loops 1 - 25 of 1168
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