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Description : Made in FL Studio using a bell preset in Sytrus. A harmonic minor.
Description : Bell melody
Description : This is my first loop :)
Link your works below if you use
Description : C*D*E
deixe seu comentário o/
Description : C*D*E
deixe seu comentário o/
Description : Keeping it short and sweet... turn this loop into a hit.
Description : synth pluck cardi b type (?) bell rap hip hop

Show me what u made
Description : Created with Harmor lets hear what you guys can make
Description : if you use it please let me hear
Description : made from sytrus
Description : I have another trap bell thingamajig right here for ya. Its kind of simple, but I think it sets the tone...
Description : Not sure what genre you would put this in, well if you make something with it be sure to link it below!
Description : reversed bell melody - send links if used
Description : let me know hwhat yall done with this
Description : philly rotten - icarus and nexus bell
Description : only it, bichs, i back
Description : A minor
Saucy bell piano keys. This loop is in the style of Pi'erre Bourne x Famous Dex. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. For more information, please head to our bio!
Description : Ringing Bells made in Nexus. Could be used for any type of hip hop.
Description : Made in FL Studio 12
Description : Hella filters and gross beat. Lmk what you make!
Description : Just got Zaytovens Funky Fingers and decided to make this, and swing it your guys' way. It's a bell in a major scale. Has potential for a hard hitting fun type beat. I think it's in the key of G but i'm not sure.
Description : melodic bell melody
Description : Reversed Bell melody with GrossBeat.
Description : pluck bell, got a little bit of a travis scott vibe
Description : If You Use Send Me Your Beat
Loops 1 - 25 of 570
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