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Description : I wanted to make a track that I thought represented the old Three 6 Mafia vibe. I hope you enjoy this and can use it. Made using Ableton Live
Description : Welcome to the Forgotten Worlds...
Description : Made on Fl Studios, made with string and bell sounds
Description : 90 bpm C# Dmin Perc Loop Alone With You Music Box Theme Story Time FL Studio Bell.
Description : A basic melody for all of you If you need feedback link your song !
Description : Bell sound for hip hop, trap beats 90bpm in G#
Description : Bell loop for various trap beats
Description : Played in: Cmin - A#maj
Description : Vintage Hip Hop Synth Loop. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : 95bpm a# Bell loop for various beats
Description : Unfocused. Enemies trying to block the path, fk em. We got a mission to achieve, lets get it done! Mix n Match as needed. Percussion (bell) loop Repition at 80 bpm, Dmin
Description : Bell lead for trap beats.
Description : Bell loop for Trap/hip hop Beats
Description : Bell loop for trap beats.
Description : Trap bell sound
Description : Bell Loop for HipHop / Trap
Description : Distant Bell. Key A#. 120 bpm. Find me on SoundCloud.
Description : This was made using the Momentum Bell in Omnisphere 2. Feel Free to visit my page for more loops! Would love to hear your thoughts on my loops. Find my email if you'd like to Collaborate.
Description : Retro Bell. Key F. 130 BPM. Collab via SoundCloud.
Description : Retro Bell. Key F. 150 BPM. Show me what you make and find me on SoundCloud.
Description : Retro Bell. Key C. 150 BPM. Collab via SoundCloud.
Description : Distorted Bell. Key F. 150 BPM. Show me what you make. Open to collabs.
Description : Bell Synth 128 BPM No Fx or EQ IF you use my loops I'd love to hear your finished result! Helps me continue to make new loops FEEL FREE TO ASK FOR ANY KIND OF LOOPS ! ABSOLUTELY FREE! SIMPLY COMMENT ON MY LOOPS!
Description : comment your track link if you use this loop. Credit would be appreciated. If you wanna give me credit my producer name is OakerMurda.
Description : Was asked to upload them individually, so here you go.
Loops 1 - 25 of 362
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