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Description : Bass Notes for 808: B, D, F#, E

Deep and full sounding melody made using Omnisphere and FL Studio 20. Includes verse portion and chorus portion. Let me know what you do with this one and an artist that you want to hear on it!

Description : New Loop!!!

Description : Bass notes for 808 are: A#, C#, F

Deep and dark sounding melody with some even darker sound effects added. Let me know what you do with this one!

Description : Made in 2015

Description : Made this in 2015

Description : I'm sure you will make a hit. I will be glad if you show your work) Any creativity is cool.

Description : A modded Atari Punk Console circuit with the PW, Wave, and tuning modulated via its own two saws, the PW and mixed wave outs - sent through three successive sallen-key filters and a peak limiter.

Leave a message and put in a link if you use the sample. Love hearing other people's material.

Description : Motivational Trap Piano Loop. Includes melody + bass notes.

Description : In that loop I used ABP plugin
Lemme see your work, send links to comm's

Description : Pair with Trap easy bass and melody. Feel free to share what you create

Description : Pair with Traps easy bass and drums. Feel free to share what you make

Description : Pair with easy trap drums and melody. Feel free to share what you make.

Description : Threw together a Drum and Bass beat a really long time ago, I later changed the drums and turned it into a sample.

Send me project links

Description : song y play with around since an hour... great playground...
Enjoy and let me hear what you did!;)

Description : Description : Description : A sad piano bass line. This is the second part of Shattered, the first part is the top melody.
Good for any alternative rap, emo rap, trap or hip hop.

Comment a link if you use this in your track, I'd love to hear it! Click on my picture for more loops, and find out how to get 5 free custom loops in my bio!

XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep, Juice Wrld Gunna Young Thug Drake Tyler the Creator Astroworld, Chainsmokers Billie Eilish Post Malone

Description : Short RAW Kick with distorted bass.

Description : a uk drill drum/trap/rap loop with 808 included. every step i subtracted an instrument, for more variation in your beats.
link in the comments what you make with it :)
check my account for more uk drill and other stuff

pop smoke, uk drill, trap, rap, hiphop, bass, dark, beat, hard, hi hats, kick, bell, vocal, voice, snare, drum loop.

Description : Annoying earworm bass synth loop, 99 bpm, 2 bars

Description : -Sakura Trial Version (bass 2)
-Sawer Trial Version (MC Chains)

Show me your children

Description : This is a future bass style sound that I created using two wave forms in Serum. It's more of an upbeat loop and a groovy feeling that I get from it. If you do use it, comment down below to a link of your work using it! I'd love to hear what you've done with it!

Description : Eerie Dark Music. Intro Section.

Description : Contra bass with cello

Description : haRd 808 Drum PattERn W disTORTed baSS

Description : Aggressive

Description : Part of my next track.

Made with 3 different sytrus plugins with FL Studio

Loops 1 - 25 of 10228
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