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Description : A complete selfmade Drum Loop for Your free use.
MIDI, Mix and Mastered as a Christmas gift :-)
...output level not pushed or compressed to 0dB to better fit to Your mix.
44,1kHz 16Bit Stereo. 8Bars. (Would upload it in 24bit, but Looperman does not accept this format ;-(
Matching Bass-Line can also be found in another upload from me.
Description : Came up wit the bass line and couldn't come up with anything goo for the beat. Try and make a beat for it, comment with your work below, and let's collab! There's also a flute part I made for this if anyone wants it, let me know... Cheers
Description : Slighty phased/distorted sounding bass line. Made using Harmor: 7 unison'd squares > sinusoidal foldback distortion > OTT compression > cabinet emulation > and some light reverb to top 'er off.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.
Description : ALSO FROM MY TRACK
Description : Cool bass line
Description : Something I came up with but drew a blank so I thought you guys can see what you can do.
You'll need to put a sidechain, reverb and chorus on to get the best out of this.
Description : Nice moog sound i created newly within reason 10, check out the bass line for it.
Description : Bass line for a simple pop song.
Chord progression is:
A / G / F / G (all majors)
Description : Only the bass line of the full beat
Description : Slap bass
Description : made this in mixcraft with Serum.
80 bpm
Description : This bass line has some nice sub, but also has that pounding kick to pump the speakers.
Description : the bass line for this track
Description : a bass line made by cherry picking 6 different ones
Description : So I further developed a previous loop. It now has the bass-line on its own too so you can play around with it!

Stay geeky!!
Description : Nightmare to play this kind of groove with an electronic drum kit, should be never done! But I did it! Simple, only ride cymbal, brushes and hihat. Straight with some accents with the snare. Good for a "Walking Bass" line.
Description : From the same track as the chilled hiphop pad, this is the baseline I used, which is some filthy dubstep bass line with the high frequencies removed via EQ along with the low frequencies and layered with a sine bass.
Description : Simple powerfull bass theme
Description : Here is a nice bass line at 140 bpm in Em
Description : this is a band i heards bass line in a different key i liked the bass so much i had to programme it
Description : Little bass line I'm using in a collab I'm working on with a fellow loop-man
Description : #awesomly dope and deep
Description : super catchy and awesome use it!
Description : Just distorted.
Feel free to use in your tracks.
Do not forget to send me your result of work. ^_^
Description : bass line note used in a song. here is the link for reference
Loops 1 - 25 of 393
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