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Description : sum nba Young boy would hop on, leave links.
bass line: C, G#, F, C, G#,G# B
Description : Made in NI Massive with Math III, Herby, and Grn IV
Description : Just a simple bass line I recorded using an acoustic bass guitar.
This is from my track "Moving On"
The Notes are C-D-G-G
Description : a very wide sounding groovy bass line of some sort
Description : Bassy funky bass line
Description : Hard but groovy electro bass line. Made using Harmor: Harmonised saw wave, distortion, chorus, reverb.
Source MIDI and preset files available on request.
Description : Another bass line from one my projects
Description : 808 with hi hATS and kicks
Description : Bass line for FIFO Guitar - please let me know if you use it, thanks
Description : playing on my bass I started playng bass when I was I was 18 as all my friends blew me a way on guitar so I played bass i was in few original bands as a bass player song writer back in 19 90 thru 94 then went back too electric guitar also played Ludwig drums back then in bands in usa I'm American but live in uk since 2001 one time I took my electric across usa on a buss buskin cowboys in texas told me shut down as it was metal not contry music
Description : cool bass line
Description : Quick bass synth line made with the MPC.
Description : Indian Trap loop without bass line
Description : Same as interstellar Trap Loop just bass line has been added.

Description : Simply the main sidechained bass line from my latest track "Coldheart" -- now available on Looperman! If you found this useful, make sure to drop everyone a link in the comments! :)
Description : Fits with many genres :)
Description : New York Hard Core Punk Bass line
Description : Funky bass loop for beats etc
Description : Funky bass line with bright pluck sound in the Key of C# Major
Description : Came up wit the bass line and couldn't come up with anything goo for the beat. Try and make a beat for it, comment with your work below, and let's collab! There's also a flute part I made for this if anyone wants it, let me know... Cheers
Description : Slighty phased/distorted sounding bass line. Made using Harmor: 7 unison'd squares > sinusoidal foldback distortion > OTT compression > cabinet emulation > and some light reverb to top 'er off.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.
Description : ALSO FROM MY TRACK
Description : Cool bass line
Description : Something I came up with but drew a blank so I thought you guys can see what you can do.
You'll need to put a sidechain, reverb and chorus on to get the best out of this.
Description : Nice moog sound i created newly within reason 10, check out the bass line for it.
Loops 1 - 25 of 410
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