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Description : Guitar playing

Please show me what youve done with this.

Send me the Link in instagram
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Description : just distorted bass guitar

Description : I'm sure you will make a hit. I will be glad if you show your work) Any creativity is cool.

Description : finger picked bass with some drive from Outputs Substance, works w/ previous loop

Description : A bass guitar lays down a steady, fat-sounding, slow funk ostinato, with a syncopated turnaround at the end.

Description : A bass guitar plays a soulful groove with a gentle swing. It's very "present", with plenty of click-y transient; I'll let you tone it down if you want to.

Harmonies: Bb-------F

Description : Distorted Bass Guitar. Made with Serum.

Description : Vibe loop acoustic guitar and bass guitar

Description : on my bass guitar

Description : on my bass guitar

Description : on my bass guitar

Description : on my bass guitar

Description : playing with my fingers and an amp and a bass guitar pluged into a pc with stuff needed to push it correctly

Description : real genre is funk rock fusion but works with the hiphop playing this on my bass guitar

Description : it works with125bpm tecno drums seqences ect at90 bpm it makes noise music made on my bass guitar with bass synth pedal

Description : Dope Bass guitar loop. Create, enjoy, and most of all have fun!

Description : A bass guitar is given a strange but cool bubbling sound. In G Blues Scale. 4 seamless bars.

Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me if you want this loop in a different key or tempo, or need a custom loop. A lot of you guys ask me if I have\do sample packs or .midi files. YES I DO, contact me for info.

Recorded on Fender Jazz Bass using Boss RC loop station through Ibanez bass overdrive pedal into Pangea CP100.


Description : I used Logic Pro X to make this loop.

Description : made on on guitar thru boss digital recorder

Description : made on my guitar with bass pedal in a boss br- 600 digital studio

Description : Recorded on a Bass Guitar

Description : I used rhodes piano and bass guitar, which together created quite good sounds in some moments. But individually the instruments sound uninteresting and interrupted.

Description : made on my electric bass guitar

Description : This of course the same bass line as before just pitched up a lot so it kind of just sounds like a lead guitar. So yeah it feels a lot different.

Loops 1 - 25 of 234
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