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Description : A Loop nice to use for a drop in a Future House Track. Some white noise is added over the notes to make the sound stronger. It is already sidechained Made with FL Studio 12
Description : Eh.. Something i made a while ago but never used. i hope its useful.
Description : Main part of the loop is the bass sound i just added a kick and some percussion to make the loop sound better. Anyways bass sound made in serum and the note played is A. You can have the preset here for free.
link :
Description : A bass drop I did.I kinda like it.Used alot of serum.
Description : SO, our lead, Oddlie, is making a song at the moment. While review his project, and I asked if it was okay to take part of his drop and make a loop of it. Shockingly, he agreed. SO enjoy! - Miida
Description : put this right after a lifter and it will ound great!
Description : this is the synths i used for the drop on my new song
Description : here is a future bass drop i made that I'm using in my new track
Description : This beat goes with the previous loop I posted. So put them together, and again, Enjoy!

Also, I meant to put 145 bpm on the synths.
Description : I love these chords. So filthy but smooth. I hope you enjoy them
Description : this was made by me but i didnt make the bass
Description : free to use
Description : Created this for a rap/heavy metal beat.
Description : im not going to use it so use it how ever u want just show me the work u will do with this
Description : Layered chords for a drop. Enjoy! ;)
Description : Bass drop made with massive
Description : Made it with Massive.
Description : This is simply 4 bars of a huge bass drop, with lots of rumbling low frequencies. Use as a drop in the middle of your techno/trance piece, or as the final stinger at the end.
Description : bit of a filthy bass/drop loop for yous
Description : Not going to use this one, have fun with it!
Description : Not going to use this one, have fun with it!
Description : The magical reverb bass that the youngsters seem to like these days
Description : Produced in ableton using the saw bass from the song "Hey Baby" by Deadmau5 with a pitch modifier in 85bpm an example of the drop being used can be found here:
Description : weell ldusx is my best bro when comes to dubstep bass drops
Description : Made With Harmor
Loops 1 - 25 of 86
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