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Description : A bass drop I did.I kinda like it.Used alot of serum.
Description : SO, our lead, Oddlie, is making a song at the moment. While review his project, and I asked if it was okay to take part of his drop and make a loop of it. Shockingly, he agreed. SO enjoy! - Miida
Description : put this right after a lifter and it will ound great!
Description : this is the synths i used for the drop on my new song
Description : here is a future bass drop i made that I'm using in my new track
Description : This beat goes with the previous loop I posted. So put them together, and again, Enjoy! Also, I meant to put 145 bpm on the synths.
Description : I love these chords. So filthy but smooth. I hope you enjoy them
Description : this was made by me but i didnt make the bass
Description : free to use
Description : Created this for a rap/heavy metal beat.
Description : im not going to use it so use it how ever u want just show me the work u will do with this
Description : Layered chords for a drop. Enjoy! ;)
Description : Bass drop made with massive
Description : Made it with Massive.
Description : This is simply 4 bars of a huge bass drop, with lots of rumbling low frequencies. Use as a drop in the middle of your techno/trance piece, or as the final stinger at the end.
Description : bit of a filthy bass/drop loop for yous
Description : Not going to use this one, have fun with it!
Description : Not going to use this one, have fun with it!
Description : The magical reverb bass that the youngsters seem to like these days
Description : Produced in ableton using the saw bass from the song "Hey Baby" by Deadmau5 with a pitch modifier in 85bpm an example of the drop being used can be found here:
Description : weell ldusx is my best bro when comes to dubstep bass drops
Description : Made With Harmor
Description : Another one. Made this after watching a tutorial by 'two minds tutorials'.
Description : Another experiment, you guys seem love this kind of loops. Made this after watching a 'ADSR Music Production' tutorial for the sound.
Description : My first loop I've uploaded in a while! I hope you all enjoy. Messing around with Serum and made this beauty. Please link me to any tracks you make with this loop! Feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers
Loops 1 - 25 of 83
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