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Description : Melody @ 130BPM - Good background melody.
Description : Hard Kick. Hard Snare. Groovy background percussion... I just saw this in my project files and recognized that I'll never make full track out of it. So I give it too you :)
Description : FL Studio. 88 bpm,D. Choir Loop - Dreams As title implies, a piece of the world from a dream. Misc piece useful to add in the background of things. Works cool as loading screen ambiance. Haha while I waiting for Halo 1 to load up the next level.
Description : A heavily modified Rhodes sound with a faint triangle-wave in the background. I'll comeback, one day. -DedSec
Description : My 2nd Loop, matches with my first. Hope you enjoy it :) Made with FL12
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm. Dm. Pad Loop - Choir. Background atmosphere for your mixes! Dig deep and get creative! have fun, Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 90 bpm. Piano Loop - Dead Life. Mix n Match as youd like. Background piece.
Description : Free to use. Do not forget to send me your stuff you made.The project file and the serum presets u can download from my soundcloud #WideHatter
Description : Sweet Loop made up of an easy piano riff reversed and lowered pitch to make a bass sound with bells chiming in the background, link me finished projects!
Description : Some cool progressive drums to use in your stuff - a bright kick, a background snare, and some more fx to make your beat sound that much better and more detailed! | Progressive Pack 2
Description : FL Studio. 120 bpm. D. Movie BackGround Fx. Use as you would like. Peace.
Description : This is a Melody in a Punjabi Dance Style, inspired by the Indian Punjabi Folk music which is popular in Bollywood Songs and Dances. I used 2 Sounds for the melody Mandolin and Dulcimer, a very short part of Ahh Choir and Taiko Drum for the Rhythm and Halo Pad Sound for a little Drone Background. I could provide only the melody section for a separate loop for Indian creative musicians to add original ethnic percussion on demand.
Description : the ambient background for finale of Los Visitantes track. Uses samples from FL Studio synth
Description : Simple Drumloop with added spices in the background. Played and recorded from Roland V-Drum TD-25 kit. Enjoy the rie and let me know what you've done with it.
Description : Ableton.
Description : A combination of Sitar and Guitar Chords for accompaniment. In addition I included a base line with some basic Chord notes to get a soft background with a Sound called "Space Voice". But this sound is used very quiet and soft. The melody is varied and contains syncopation Rhythm. The mood is a kind of Bollywood feeling.
Description : Just made a pretty sick intro to a song i might be finishing in a few days... these are the drums. Have fun :)
Description : Background of the lead, made with ReFX Nexus, and Gross Beat
Description : A background melody from the xfiles theme, played on an electric guitar.
Description : Just the background ENJOI (LF)
Description : use this loop if you like it,and heres a link for a full beat
Description : Strings-Classic Cinematic Strings By Yogesh ST..Can Be Used As Background Music!!!
Description : Pad loop created in FL Studio at 70 bpm Dm. Darkest of nights, the light never shined so bright before the fight. Useful pad for background sfx, esp for you hollow addicts ha. Listener beware, are you ready for a scare? Enjoy if you dare... =)
Description : Pad loop created in FL Studio at 100 bpm,D. Ambient background atmosphere sfx stuff. M n M let me hear what you do with it!! Have fun! Peace.
Description : simple bells backfill or added change in the project
Loops 1 - 25 of 280
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