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Description : 75 bpm G#m Choir Loop Solina. Mix n Match as needed. Background voice piece.
Description : Pop drum with thunder in the background.
Description : Lead for the chords I uploaded. Sounds better if its ambient in the background.
Description : Two bar percussion loop "with a surprise". I was recording myself playing the djembe, while my wife was on the phone, having a funny conversation with a friend. You can hear her giggle and say "ja" in the background. I left it in :)
Description : vocal loop with quiet piano in teh background
Description : 4 bar loop, background hihats, slightly effected tom/rimshot thingy. 100 bpm. Made with Cubase 9. If this loop inspires you, I'd love to hear what you did with it. Thanks!
Description : 100 bpm Cm Pad Loop Trippy Choir. Good for background atmosphere, or solo section leading to transitions. Mix n Match, Peace.
Description : 85 bpm,Dmin Fx Loop Danger Room II Mix n Match as you need. Hope its useful to your project. Background atmosphere noise static
Description : 8 seamless bars of orchestral strings playing long sustained chords. HINT: Try layering this with my Warm Piano Comps. Implied Harmonies: Ebmaj7add6------Bbmaj9
Description : Background sound up for you to mix n match as you see fit. Curious to what you can do with it. I always check all links shared, I just take a good minute to get back to you. I enjoy what yall can do, its inspiring. Thanks, Peace.
Description : Drum FX Background. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Made in Serum. Add some sidechain, some vocals/background ambience and a phat drum beat. Show me what you make with this :)
Description : Melody @ 130BPM - Good background melody.
Description : Hard Kick. Hard Snare. Groovy background percussion... I just saw this in my project files and recognized that I'll never make full track out of it. So I give it too you :)
Description : FL Studio. 88 bpm,D. Choir Loop - Dreams As title implies, a piece of the world from a dream. Misc piece useful to add in the background of things. Works cool as loading screen ambiance. Haha while I waiting for Halo 1 to load up the next level.
Description : My 2nd Loop, matches with my first. Hope you enjoy it :) Made with FL12
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm. Dm. Pad Loop - Choir. Background atmosphere for your mixes! Dig deep and get creative! have fun, Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 90 bpm. Piano Loop - Dead Life. Mix n Match as youd like. Background piece.
Description : Free to use. Do not forget to send me your stuff you made.The project file and the serum presets u can download from my soundcloud #WideHatter
Description : Sweet Loop made up of an easy piano riff reversed and lowered pitch to make a bass sound with bells chiming in the background, link me finished projects!
Description : Some cool progressive drums to use in your stuff - a bright kick, a background snare, and some more fx to make your beat sound that much better and more detailed! | Progressive Pack 2
Description : FL Studio. 120 bpm. D. Movie BackGround Fx. Use as you would like. Peace.
Description : This is a Melody in a Punjabi Dance Style, inspired by the Indian Punjabi Folk music which is popular in Bollywood Songs and Dances. I used 2 Sounds for the melody Mandolin and Dulcimer, a very short part of Ahh Choir and Taiko Drum for the Rhythm and Halo Pad Sound for a little Drone Background. I could provide only the melody section for a separate loop for Indian creative musicians to add original ethnic percussion on demand.
Description : the ambient background for finale of Los Visitantes track. Uses samples from FL Studio synth
Description : Simple Drumloop with added spices in the background. Played and recorded from Roland V-Drum TD-25 kit. Enjoy the rie and let me know what you've done with it.
Loops 1 - 25 of 291
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