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Description : a atmospheric background

Description : Chanting background vox

Description : You may use my loops however you please. I would enjoy to hear how my loops are used, so drop a link if you do. Feel free to PM me for collab/custom samples.

Description : Rhytm Atmo For Background

Description : Cut out the vowels of the vocal sample of one of my tunes "Don't try this @ home" (under the moniker DJ Peavey Blaster, 1999) and made this effect with it. Can be used as fill in or background effect

Description : Raw vocal no effects, might be useful as a background voice or something.

Description : another 1


Description : xpand send me your creations :)

Description : Just made this quick, uses the same sound as my previous loop, except with a triangle wave added for a more "Bell-ish" type sound. I also added a straight up bell in the background for some haunting atmosphere.

Most of my loops are just excess from dropped projects, so i'm not going to upload frequently on this site.

If you end up using it I'd love to hear what you made, feel free to post it down in the comments.

Description : show me your creations :)

Description : Rhodes with some pads in the background. let me know what you think. Ready to Collab! Bmajor

Description : ice chain pure water

Description : add some nice 808 and a nice groove with the drums and here u got your beat on world star hiphop
tip: this may be a little bit simple in your so mix it up a little! put a counter melody or pad in the background or something.

show me what you make with this and credit me if its possible

Description : made with omnisphere and plugin

Description : This is the excerpt from my house track, a background that is barely noticeable in the track, but definitely deserves more attention.

Description : simple epiano melody with reverse piano sound effects in the background

Description : I Half-Timed a Bell melody i made in FL Studio and added some reverberated sounds of glass, which I reversed to make a sort of sharp blade sound in the background.

If you end up using this, feel free to post what you made in the comments

Description : Great for intros!

choir + radio static + vinyl crackle + rain + explosions + dogs + birds + (...)

Description : flower boi type beat stuffs. use this string to fill in the emptiness of the background

Description : The pad like background sound is made by stroking the strings and editing it a bit, all sounds come from the Lyre

Description : BasicallyI just put together a synth and made some chords (Idk what chords though).

Look up daft pina and just listen to his background music.

Description : ambient pad texture background

Description : Reposted without choir in the background. Let me hear what you do with this!

Made with Nexus and Omnisphere
key = c minor

Description : Let me know hear what you guys do with this :)

I can post one without chords in the background if you want also.

Made with Omnisphere and Nexus
(btw its minor... obviously)

Loops 1 - 25 of 384
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