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Description : ice chain pure water

Description : add some nice 808 and a nice groove with the drums and here u got your beat on world star hiphop
tip: this may be a little bit simple in your so mix it up a little! put a counter melody or pad in the background or something.

show me what you make with this and credit me if its possible

Description : made with omnisphere and plugin

Description : This is the excerpt from my house track, a background that is barely noticeable in the track, but definitely deserves more attention.

Description : simple epiano melody with reverse piano sound effects in the background

Description : I Half-Timed a Bell melody i made in FL Studio and added some reverberated sounds of glass, which I reversed to make a sort of sharp blade sound in the background.

If you end up using this, feel free to post what you made in the comments

Description : Great for intros!

choir + radio static + vinyl crackle + rain + explosions + dogs + birds + (...)

Description : flower boi type beat stuffs. use this string to fill in the emptiness of the background

Description : The pad like background sound is made by stroking the strings and editing it a bit, all sounds come from the Lyre

Description : BasicallyI just put together a synth and made some chords (Idk what chords though).

Look up daft pina and just listen to his background music.

Description : ambient pad texture background

Description : Reposted without choir in the background. Let me hear what you do with this!

Made with Nexus and Omnisphere
key = c minor

Description : Let me know hear what you guys do with this :)

I can post one without chords in the background if you want also.

Made with Omnisphere and Nexus
(btw its minor... obviously)

Description : Fits with "String Chords" Loop posted

Description : Use it, idc.

Description : Ambient/Atmospheric Pad Loop, Mix n Match, Use as needed for background ambiance or filler spaces. Good solo moment feel too. Welcome to the "Winter Storm"

Chords Used - C#Maj7, CMaj13, D13, FMaj

Description : Here's some background about this loop I hope it's usable and works with your tracks:
- I assembled this properly using Audacity I brought it to life by adding some reverb and a touch of delay to give it some texture.
Please link below how you use it.
- And did you know that I'm terrible at writing melodies.
But never the less I hope it works please let me know in the comments below you want me to publish the original file without all the fancy effects.

Description : Hardcore kick with a clear sound of kick,a little high pitched and a little distortion of background.

Description : Exploring, discovery type background sound to fill in your projects for atmosphere ambiance. Let me know if you'd like more of these. Happy Holidays, Peace.

Description : with some background perc

Let me know what yoyu came up with

Description : Feel it, use it, show it!

Description : Crazy pads and background synth at 146, lemme know whatchu think and link me if you use it!!!

Description : Use muffle lofi kicks and and little bit winter background and your dark winter depression will get over. :)

Description : Made using Heml64 VST. If you use it in a song, either in the background or as the main lead, I would love to hear it! Leave a link in the comments!

Description : Background bell sound, ear-candy.
Key: E Minor

Loops 1 - 25 of 374
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