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Description : A nice chill loop with some background vinyl effects to add to the mood. Link me what you make.
Description : Loop 2 of 4 from my Vandalism pack. Some nice background plucks to use in your breaks. Phat but thin at the same time!
Description : So I basically took the Song of Storms and changed it to fit 4/4 time. D minor like the original. This is solely the keys in the background.
Description : Try adding a background melody to this one
Description : Waterfall in the background...
Description : After request, i publish the background reggae chords from my dubstep drums loops. This loop is not made by me, is from "Cymatics Terror Drums for Dubstep" sample pack.
Description : Here is a dubstep drums loop with vocal shout and background reggae style chords.
Description : Reuploaded.
G minor
Description : EQ, Nexus.
G minor.
Description : Short Hip hop beat, good as a background beat
Description : E Major with some birds in the background
Description : Add effects to the guitar or reverse the loop and add background pads for a post malone feeling

pitch shift for the key you want
Description : Use this loop as you want, don't forget to share the link of your track, enjoy!
Description : Piano with a little percussion in the background.
Description : Acoustical guitar lead in or background track. 8 bars at 60 bpm.
Description : Feel it, use it, show it
Description : Just collaborating by sending my first loop.
I created a secondary and primary arpeggio on the G and A scale
Important BPM is 95
I used ACE and Omnisphere
Beautiful melody of the soul
Description : Feel it, use it, show it!
Nice for intro or in the background...or both :)
Description : Kontakt Choir...Simple. Good for intro or background
Description : made with Devils Piano High (Preset in Sytrus)
I will comment the link
it comes with about 200 other presets.
Description : Realistic sounding guitar made with RealGuitar, rain and vinyl crackle background noise, b minor key.
Description : Sad Lofi Piano Chords with Rain in the background in the key of d minor made with PianoOne
Description : some sad lofi piano chords in D Major with vinyl crackle and rain in the background, made on PianoOne
Description : Made in FL Studio with Xpand!2

The keys are:
Main melody: A#3; F#4; A#4; F#4
Background : D#4; C#4, G#4, C#4
Description : Every dubstep song sounds empty without background noise! Add some extra crowd noise to make the drop sound even fuller. Link what you made!
Loops 1 - 25 of 322
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