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Description : I made this Melody in October 2018
Its inspired by german rapper Capital Bra
The loop makes u wanna dance go to a party

I think Dancehall drums would fit perfectly ^^ But it could be HipHop/Trap, Techno or EDM too
The Sample sounds like Dj Snake, happy Drake beats and maybe Avicii

Description : Future House,EDM Type Chords,Avicii maybe

Description : Avicii's I could be the one Bass remade

Used To Make: Harmless

Description : Avicii's I could be the one Chords remade

Used to make: z3ta+, FL-KEYS, Nexus, Harmless, Sakura

Description : Avicii's I could be the one lead remade

Used to make lead: Z3ta+, 3x Osc, and a Harmless mole saw.

Description : Pluck melody like Avicii

Description : Some Chords in the style of Avicii.
Let me know if you start sth with it :)

Description : made in nexus

Description : Heyy, it's my birthday today, so I'm giving off some really cool loops out. This one's an uplifting, and would totally sounds amazing when mixed with electronic music. If you use this please post your track links :)

Description : with a touch of avicii


HE HE HE ..... :)

Description : Avicii's Best Song Hey Brother's Guitar Chords

Description : Part two of the Remake

Description : Part one of the Remake

Description : If you have used this loop, please lemme hear it

Description : I found all my old remakes of Avicii's songs
so i decided to upload them :)

Made in Nexus
Enjoy :)

Description : Remake of levels by Avicii
Made i nexus

Enjoy :)

Description : Avicii The Nights flute remake

Enjoy :)

Description : Avicii the night remake

Description : Just did this for all the fans. Comment your tracks or credit me. Thanks.

Description : Aminor

Description : The Piano from Avicii - X you. This is a Remake!

Description : Hey guys, hope you like. just a avicii style dance piano. ill be adding to this later with some synth loops that go with it. Hope you like :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 44
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