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Description : Made with Omnisphere

Description : Simple piano and dark atmosphere loop

Description : Hit me up

Description : Eerie sound effect, useful as impact, break or atmosphere maker. Counts 8 bars.

If this inspires you, I'd love to hear what you did with it. Enjoy!

Description : Hey BRO. Just read this. If u want more dope structured layred samples made by me, just contact me by email - in my bio. See u!

Description : usable for layering I guess

Description : Made this cool little thing using some Half-Time, Compression, and a tiny bit of arrangement correction. The reverb was built into the plugin, and really adds some atmosphere to this.

Description : Piano keys with some ethereal atmosphere filtering. Hit me up if you make anything with it.

Description : Since the loop is pushed to stereo, it's better suited to being an atmosphere/background element.

Description : Hit me up if you do something with this !

Description : Add stereo shaper and stereoize it to both sides to give an atmosphere

Description : Weird space atmosphere type vibe. Can't figure out the drums for it so if you do be sure to leave a comment.

Description : Used - Omnisphere 2
Used - Fl Keys

Description : Let me know what you did with this in the comments.
leave the link, thanks
Click on the profile picture to find out more

Description : Em, C

Description : what an atmosphere...

Description : a atmospheric background

Description : high-passed bells with atmosphere. show me what u make

Description : Loop was created in the garage band, then I moved it to fl studio and completed

Description : made in fl studio

Description : use this with other loops --- like a counter melody or something. show me what u make if u use this!!! Added a bunch of vinyl noise aswell to make it sound vintage.

Description : Atmosphere Loop

Description : Hardstyle kick with atmosphere effects.

Description : Just made this quick, uses the same sound as my previous loop, except with a triangle wave added for a more "Bell-ish" type sound. I also added a straight up bell in the background for some haunting atmosphere.

Most of my loops are just excess from dropped projects, so i'm not going to upload frequently on this site.

If you end up using it I'd love to hear what you made, feel free to post it down in the comments.

Description : Lo Fi Drum Loop. Great for Guitar Samples.
I think the hi hat was a clock sound which gives the track a great atmosphere.
I will make a slower one too so stay tuned:)
Comment below what you think and what you made with this. THANK YOU

Loops 1 - 25 of 145
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