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Description : Hip-Hop, Dark, Loop, Pad, Underground, Atmosphere
Description : Played in: Gmaj
Description : Hope usable
Description : Played in: Cmin
Description : 64 bpm Amin Piano Loop CeFu Atmosphere Keys for your score. The tension of the cameras focus between the characters conversations.
Description : 110 bpm Pad Loop SFX Background Atmosphere. Not sure the key because its a mixture of different sounds at different keys. My global guess would be A minor.
Description : 140 bpm Gmaj Synth Pad Loop Airwaves. About traveling as a digital signal through the atmosphere of airwaves spreading from location to location. Good for exploration type themes. Enjoy, Peace.
Description : 70 bpm C# Amin Synth Loop Atmosphere. Somewhere in the depths of sand and time.
Description : 100 bpm Cm Pad Loop Trippy Choir. Good for background atmosphere, or solo section leading to transitions. Mix n Match, Peace.
Description : 85 bpm,Dmin Fx Loop Danger Room II Mix n Match as you need. Hope its useful to your project. Background atmosphere noise static
Description : Great atmosphere on this one. Comment if you want the midi file.
Description : Background sound up for you to mix n match as you see fit. Curious to what you can do with it. I always check all links shared, I just take a good minute to get back to you. I enjoy what yall can do, its inspiring. Thanks, Peace.
Description : FL Studio 64 bpm,Dm Pad Loop - Deep space Timelines. Works well for menu music or atmosphere additions to your projects. Have fun, if you use it leave a link to where I can check it out! Thank you, Peace
Description : FL Studio. 120 bpm,Cm. Pad/SFX Loop - Alien Atmosphere. Far off place within the same galaxy resides an ancient building currently rebuilt by unknown groups scattered throughout the universe.
Description : Wide Atmosphere Pad loop. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. [Prod. by X Moud]
Description : A loop which was created use a recently circuit bent Casio SK-1. This device has a "one key play" function, where a sequence of notes is recorded, and the sequence can be played back one note a time by pushing a button. On the circuit bent, a banana jack can be used with a pulse wave, in order to simulate a button press. In this case, my modular synth was used to simulate a button press, while different circuit bends were used on the matrix patch bay which I created. Some effects were used to enhance the atmosphere. Composed along with the other "Thinking of You" loops, which are at 140 BPM, and are 3 bars long.
Description : Massive in FL Studio. Enjoy!
Description : FL Studio. 90 bpm,Dm. Pad Loop - Shadows of Death Cold nights, imagination and dreams adventure onto greater lessons learning more than what seems to be. Using a few layering ideas to get the atmosphere to it.
Description : FL Studio. 95 bpm,D. Bell Loop - Crystal Cave. Metallic atmosphere/ambient type loop to add extra embellishments to your mixes. Happy mixing! Lets hear what you can do with it. Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 110 bpm,D. String Loop - Still of The Night. Orchestra string simple plucks to give some interesting atmosphere to your projects. Happy mixing!
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm. Dm. Pad Loop - Choir. Background atmosphere for your mixes! Dig deep and get creative! have fun, Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 100 bpm. D. Pad Loop - Dark City Ambient atmosphere Pad Loop for your Mix n Match projects. Hope it works for you. Curious how you use it. Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 140 bpm. D. String Loop - Stay Away. Mix n Match, adds nice atmosphere to your productions. Try it and let me know if you like it. Peace.
Description : Guitar with a Jazz touch of chords in E Minor and a syncopating melodic line. I did a small change with the melody line. Instead of Jazz Guitar I have chosen a Steel String sound which is a little brighter in comparison to the Chords of Jazz Guitar sound which is softer. The atmosphere of my tune reminds of Bossa Nova and music from Brazil. There is a second loop which includes the same music material but with a sea shore sound in the second part.
Description : Happy New Year 2017 to all Looperman users. I start with an Inspiration on Guitar with a Jazz touch of chords in E Minor and a syncopating melodic line. In the second part of the calm melody I added a Sea Shore sound to create a little feeling of Rio de Janeiro, (however I have never been there).This is the reason for the title. The atmosphere of my tune reminds a bit of Bossa Nova.
Loops 1 - 25 of 97
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