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Description : Flangy Atmosphere plucks
Description : I made it with Electrax
Description : A calm pad for a chill atmosphere.
Hope you can use it !
If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.
Description : Loop 3 of 4 from my Vandalism pack. A beautiful spacy atmosphere pad for backgrounds.
Description : Endearing Piano. Perfect for a deep and emotional atmosphere.
Description : A piano sequence with subtle chords and a great atmosphere.
Description : dark atmosphere
Description : Groovy chords with atmosphere and saw lead. Goes with In The Groove drums.
Description : A reversed sort of pad with a dark atmosphere

Key should be : C# A A# (I think)
Description : A dark atmosphere sounding loop, enjoy !
Leave a link if you use it

Key : C#-F#-C#-B C#-F#-C#-G
and top melody is : A-B-F# A-B-C#/F#
Description : the journey to another planet - atmosphere synth
Description : I would love to work in Japan... Just to see what the atmosphere is like. Create some great art... I thought this pad sounded Japan inspired... Let me know what y'all think.
Description : Pad Atmosphere Melody 2
120 BPM
Description : Just Pad Atmosphere Melody
Description : loop for dark atmosphere
Description : A quick loop i just made, enjoy and let me see your work
Description : Trap Pluck Loop with some background atmosphere. post links i wanna hear your stuff!
Description : Atmosphere Choir. Dark, Dungeon, Palace, Castle, Tomb, Crept, Creep, Slime, Ooze, FL Studio, Ambient, Mix n Match, Peace.
Description : DGB Keys. Misc Piece. FL Studio. Ambient. Atmosphere. Dreams. Illusions. Thoughts. Real. Use as needed. Enjoy, peace.
Description : Atmosphere Voice. Misc Piece. FL Studio. Use as needed.

Choir voice of light. Deflecting the worlds drama :)
Description : Choir of Riverdale.

Misc piece for Background Film Music/Atmosphere.

Always useful for those random projects. Lmk, Peace.
Description : Hells Kitchen. Background Atmosphere. Cinematic.
Description : Excellent pad which gives atmosphere to the track
Description : Japanese Mountain Atmosphere
Description : A complex, rhythmic synth patch descends chromatically to create an exciting atmosphere.

Implied Harmonies: Ema9---D#maj9---Dmaj9----C#maj9
Loops 1 - 25 of 111
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