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Description : //some chill/happy asian guitar vibes

I'd love to hear your project in case you did used my sounds.

Description : Fire Asian strings for some trap bangers. Link me heat only

Description : Pls Link Your Beats!

Description : Asian type trap loop made in Sakura, comment links to where you used it.

Description : Pls link your beats!

Description : Some nice Asian strings for a hard trap banger.

Description : first loop I've uploaded

Description : presets used are sytrus' Asian string and in the second half, there is the fl studio string section. effects that are used are a lot of EQs, maximus' lofi preset and soundgoodizer.

Description : maybe "asian" or "ethnic" themed as everyone likes to say here

Description : Some asian trap for yall

Comment what you made ;)

Description : Asian trap loop.

Send me what you made ;)

Description : Since people seem to like my previous loops i made another one for you guys! Enjoy and send me links of your work

Description : Hope you enjoy this Asia inspired loop. Comment your work! I would love to hear it!

Description : Some nice hard Asian strings for some trap bangers. Link me your projects using the loop
[x_x ]

Description : Hope you enjoy my loops.

Description : Second part is pitched one octave higher, because of the complete trap feeling.
Show ur stuff!

Description : Show ya things!

Description : This Loop was made with FL Studio 12.
If you like it write it in the comments.

Description : I got a Denzel Curry X SCARLXRD Type vibe from this.
Root Note: G#


Description : Used FL Studio's Sakura plugin for this
C minor (?) Kinda forgot what key I made this in

Send link if used

Description : i really don't know, sounds happy and asian.

Description : Made in Fl Studio 12.

good for lofi etc

If used, please link in the comments.

Description : First loop, show me your work!

Description : A Lil Skies type loop I made for my new track in Nexus 2 with the preset Asian Bells. I thought it fit his flow and style. If you use it, show me your work in the comments!

Description : Trappy asian Bells.
Please link your work, thanks! :)
Tempo: 170BPM
Scale: E-Major
Made in FL-Studio by me.

Loops 1 - 25 of 109
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