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Description : rexbeatz_ Arpeggio w/ Gross Beat Loop; If you use this loop in your song, link the beat/song below. !! GET A PERSONAL LOOP WITH STEMS/PRESETS/MIDIS.
More Info on my Page (Click on my picture)!!! Thanks and Enjoy the loop !!

Description : arpeggio with electric guitar Aminor to Gmayor

Description : sad chord progression in an arpeggio style. if you make something out of this please let me hear it! :)

Description : The loop is played on a classical guitar, recorded into Logic Pro X and bounced as raw as it went in to the program. Let me know how you used it

Description : Made using Logic Pro X step fx and Surfer EQ Boogie plugins. Minor feel with the 1,3, and 7 of E in an arpeggio sort of rhythm.

Leave links below if you use it!

Description : Arpeggio played on electric guitar.
I'm open for collabs.

Description : Chords and arpeggio Dm - Em, hopefully usable, please share what you create :)

Description : The arpeggio I made for my Hydrogen beat.

Description : Guitar electric chords progression with a small arpeggio.
Hope you can use it !
If you want a custom loop, you can send me a private message or leave a comment.

Description : Hardstyle Inspired Arp Arpeggio sequence with a triplet flow rhythm. Useful for any EDM style.
Trap Dubstep Hybrid Progressive House etc.

Description : Link in the comments what you make and I will give you feedback. :)

Description : I created this complex arpeggio today, I would like to share it with you.
It is part of a project I'm building, but it's free for you to use in your projects!
I've used a set of real instruments and add effects, guitar strings and Yamaha DX7 Keyboard.

Description : lil peep or gbc type emo rap loop idk - this is barely even sad enough to post. key is G minor. comment what you made, and if i like ur shit on soundcloud than follow me as thanks for the free sample lmao. created by aidan grimm.

Description : Some enchanting and melancholic arpeggio at the same time.
Created with Serum

Description : Just collaborating by sending my first loop.
I created a secondary and primary arpeggio on the G and A scale
Important BPM is 95
I used ACE and Omnisphere
Beautiful melody of the soul

Description : Comment if you like
I Will do more of it.

Description : Have fun with this sound and hit me up for custom stuff!

Description : Arpeggio in C from my song "Forever friends" played with my Godin

Description : I'M BACK YALL. got this trap vibe arpeggio for you! Pluck type synth. comment what you guys make below!!!

Description : something dope from a song of mine I might never finish..


Description : Hier just the arpeggio of the Superbridge Series

the rest you can find on my profile
please leave a comment if you like it or use it.

Description : thanks for listening

Description : 4 seamless bars of a tender arpeggio on steel-string guitar, with strange FX added.

Implied Harmonies: Em7---Gmaj7

Description : 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.

Description : Arpeggio

Loops 1 - 25 of 220
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