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Description : CHARANGO ARPEGGIO 1 BAR. Contact me for custom charango loops in my profile.

Description : I made these hard drums to go with the Chill and Energetic Arpeggio, but they can work very well without it. I'm sure you will make good things with it, drop the link to me !

Description : I created this arpeggios using a kinda chiptune synth, I think it can go very well with techno music, but can also be used in other genre of music. It can go very well with the Hard Techno Beat i made. I can't wait to hear your tracks with this loop

Description : The piano arpeggio to the synth and drum loops I posted. Comment a link to what you make!!

Description : Arpeggio with some maaly raw vibes

Description : show me what u make

Description : show me what u do with it

Description : Sub Bass W/ Uzi Arpeggio
Send me your songs as well!


Description : A simple slowed down pad and arpeggio that gives a soothing summer time Pi'erre Bourne vibe using ElectraX and Purity. Leave a comment with your work using this loop so I can take a listen :)

Description : A filtered synth arpeggio created with Mixcraft 7

Description : D# minor harmonic scale
Piano from NI kontrol
From my latest beat on my ytube
Would love to hear what you create with this

Description : Electra x Arpeggio
dropped a upbeat juice wrld type beat and id love feedback! comment for the link :))

Description : Made in Logic

Chords: C, Em

Description : Just an arpeggio. Simple. I'd like to hear your work! Thanks!

Description : Fits all other hiphop 2 loops on my profile.

Description : Arpeggio Fm-Cm with chords layered over played on Fender Telecaster. Key of Cm.
Comment your tracks and enjoy :)

Description : Real spooky, dark loop in E minor. Used a synth/bell sound.
Chords are Em to Bm, pretty much.
Arpeggio following the chords.
Block chords on another post.

Description : An arpeggio synth made with Sylenth.

Description : rexbeatz_ Arpeggio w/ Gross Beat Loop; If you use this loop in your song, link the beat/song below. !! GET A PERSONAL LOOP WITH STEMS/PRESETS/MIDIS.
More Info on my Page (Click on my picture)!!! Thanks and Enjoy the loop !!

Description : arpeggio with electric guitar Aminor to Gmayor

Description : sad chord progression in an arpeggio style. if you make something out of this please let me hear it! :)

Description : The loop is played on a classical guitar, recorded into Logic Pro X and bounced as raw as it went in to the program. Let me know how you used it

Description : Made using Logic Pro X step fx and Surfer EQ Boogie plugins. Minor feel with the 1,3, and 7 of E in an arpeggio sort of rhythm.

Leave links below if you use it!

Description : Arpeggio played on electric guitar.
I'm open for collabs.

Description : Chords and arpeggio Dm - Em, hopefully usable, please share what you create :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 239
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