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Description : Strings to be layered with piano. its just good for some ambience

Description : This is the heart and soul of an emotional trap beat, but can also be used in electronic genres.
I think the key is F# minor.

Description : Ideal for Trap/Lofi
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Description : *Biebs in the trap type Melody
*Made In FL Studio 12
* VST: ElectraX
*I would like to hear your projects

Description : Ideal for trap, lofi or boom bap - AMIN
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Description : VSTi Nexus
Bank "Piano" default
Presset "PN Arena Ambience"

Description : *comment if u make anything with this :)

[tags: lofi synth vinyl keys static ambience]

Description : Adventures in D Dorian
FMaj,CMaj,DMin,CMaj,GMaj - Mostly 6,7
Ambience is great for the soul
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Description : Let the ambience and bells take you to another place

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Chords: Amin9, Fmaj7, Emin7, Fmaj, Dmin9

Description : Ambient chords ideal for ambience and trap music

Gb maj 7, Ab 7, Db maj 7, Eb min 7, C min 7

Description : The icing on the cake for the Azure loops, so be sure to grab the other 2 as well! Really ties them all together. Sounds pretty good on its own too. Add some vocal chops! it sounds great but I can't upload those loops here.

Chords: Fmb13 Eb6 Fmb13 Cm7

Description : Mockery

Description : A reversed violin. It has a lot of ambience in the bass which gives it a cinematic feel.

As usual, the loop is royalty free and requires no credit. At the very least, leave a comment here and connect with me on social media.

Description : Without the ambience fill

Description : brassy kind of ambience to get things started on a track, I think it would work perfectly next to a THICC 808, if used send over the link, I would love to hear your work,

Description : Metro Boomin Ambient Pad.
Metro x Offset x Big Sean...type vibes...

Description : Looperman made me separate the ambience and the bells. Pair this with Dark Testament. Enjoy!

Description : Simple 8 measure bell pattern, minus the ambience. You can find the ambience on my page.
I figured that since looperman has given me so much to work with I would return the favor!

Let me know if I should continue to make loops. This one was pretty quickly put together, and I could deliver some more quality. Also, if you use the loop, please let me listen to your work with a link in the comments!

Description : Nexus Arena ambience
Leave link to the comments if you use this, would love to hear it.

Description : guitar loop

Description : ambience

Description : 16 seamless bars of a dreamlike ambience. Montage created using the free Reaktor ensemble GrainCube.

Description : Blubby saw arpeggios with a pumping washy reverb ambience underneath.
Made with Operator and other Ableton stock devices.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.

Description : ambience

Description : A single strum on an acoustic guitar is frozen with granulation, yielding a haunting ambience. 4 seamless bars.

Loops 1 - 25 of 114
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