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Description : Vocal ambience recorded by an artist I work with, pairs very well with the simple piano melody!
Contact me for custom beats
Description : ambience
Description : 16 seamless bars of a dreamlike ambience. Montage created using the free Reaktor ensemble GrainCube.
Description : Blubby saw arpeggios with a pumping washy reverb ambience underneath.
Made with Operator and other Ableton stock devices.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.
Description : ambience
Description : A single strum on an acoustic guitar is frozen with granulation, yielding a haunting ambience. 4 seamless bars.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a weird, hollow ambience. Cool!
Description : A TM88 x Desiigner x Macklemore type piano melody.
Instrument: Piano (PN Arena Ambience)
BPM: 140
Description : ambience
Description : Slow attack sustained lo-passed saw notes with random rhythmic marimba resonance. Reminds me of some of Solar Field's sounds from the Mirror's Edge soundtrack.
Made using Ableton stock devices.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.
Description : Simple sine stab chords with a rhythmically swelling pong delay+reverb ambience. Little bit of vinyl distortion.
Made with stock Ableton devices.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.
Description : Some weird guitar sound that I just happened to make, also stretched out the original sound and put a gate on it to give an under layer of ambience
Description : Same as "Rain Ambience 1" but only the brushes. This loop is in Ambient genre, the other one in the Jazz genre. Both beats are real played.
Description : Groove for a rainy day! Beat and percussions played and recorded from my electronic drum kit.
Description : Something TM88 would probably cook up. Just put some dope trap drums on them and you great to go!
Description : Made in Serum. Add some sidechain, some vocals/background ambience and a phat drum beat. Show me what you make with this :)
Description : Enjoy OR !Enjoy
Description : just developing different ambient sections for a track called Los Visitantes. Using FL Studio synths
Description : the ambient background for finale of Los Visitantes track. Uses samples from FL Studio synth
Description : C#-G#-A#-F-D# sustained in a FL Studio synth sample
Description : ambience for a track to resonate with the Los Visitantes series of paintings by artist Susana Boettner
Description : messing with audio samples to create ambience for mysterious visitors painting
Description : D minor (LF)
Description : D minor (LF)
Description : Can you smell it (LF)
Loops 1 - 25 of 95
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