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Description : Last loop for the package! Enjoy!

Description : That African Bounce

Description : Here is some bass to really beef it up!

Description : It only gets better with this synth in the mix.

Description : Enjoy! don't be shy to leave comment!

Description : some piano to complete the package!

Description : This vocal accompanies African Gods Vocal_loop

Description : This synth goes with the African Gods Vocal loop i uploaded previously.

Description : I recorded this vocals in Venda (South Africa) during a right of passage ceremony for my sister.
This vocals belong to the praise singers and dancers who were performing on that day.

Description : FL Studio

Description : Amusing quasi-African groove in 3/8 time, played on old 808 drums. Inspired by "Coo Coo U" by The Manhattan Transfer.

Description : If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it! I'm very interested in COLLABING, if you're too:

Click on my profile picture too see my contact possibilities!

Dark, Spooky, concealing,tropical, mysterious, dynamic, arpeggiator, ARP, African, Afro Trap, French Rap Trap, tropical, mysterious, ambient Trap Loop, made with Omnisphere 2. Has a chill vibe, but also has a upbringing Vibe to it. The preset was a Bell mixed with a pluck. Le D, Vegedream, Koba LaD reggaeton

Description : kick, snare,rim, brass snare, hats, typical african conga

Description : Sounds like the sand of africa

Description : a'ight cool.
Used African Kora and Turkish Ney

Scale is D# Phrygian if anyone who makes trap actually uses that scale.

Link to beats encouraged.

Description : Using a Kora (African) and a synth pad from Kontakt 6 Library.
Has a Sausage Fattener and Multiband Compressor on master channel.

Would love to see links to beat.

Scale is C#/Db Melodic Minor.

Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Kontakt. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Description : Let me know if you liked the loop or used it in your project!

Description : dance african tribal

Description : An African drum circle polyrhythm is played by synthesizers. 4 seamless bars.

Description : Some Afro Vibe. Leave a link to your work :-)

Description : made of rhodes and acoustic piano. purely local.

Description : this loop contains indigenous african Karimba and locally made piano.

Description : This loop contains indigenous african local drums like conga,gome,hats, kick and cymbal. I used fruity loops to create it.

Description : Dark Drums Loop

Loops 1 - 25 of 96
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