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Description : A simple north Africa airy panpipes style, the loop contain double layer of panpipes and a recorder!
Description : You can here the grasshopper :)
Description : KEY: D-min
TEMPO: 92bpm
some W. Africa
Description : I used Kontakt 5 West africa for the loop. Its RAW that means no Reverb, EQ or Compression.

Hope you like it

I would like to listen to your work if you use it
thanks and Keep producing!!!
Description : Want to make some africa feelin...say me if u use it
Description : A four-bar loop of a Fender-Rhodes piano playing celestial arpeggios.

Implied Harmonies: Emaj7---Amaj7---D9---Emaj7
Description : Africa Bambaataa style dub break
Description : Yeah. Congo's but from Congo.
And.. ethnic... like in ... ... ethnicity.
Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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