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Description : Cinematic Acoustic Guitar Loop created in FL Studio. Deja Vu type effect. Deep meditation, between the lines, the point, puzzle.
Description : nothing much to describe this loop. just an acoustic guitar with some backing vocals
Description : Special Edition of Infos on my Facebook Fan Page. Just click the picture. Guitar Loop in E - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE! Contact me only via facebook please! Thanks
Description : Acoustic Guitar , 82 BPM . Am\Em . Send link if you use it :)
Description : Played by my friend Tanner. No effects, no anything but a guitar.
Description : KEY: D-min TEMPO: 95bpm This goes to MSI02's 'sad acoustic guitar'loop. Cheers MSI!
Description : Playing my Ibanez classic guitar. Chords: C9/Db9 modulation in D9/Eb9
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm. F. Acoustic Guitar Loop. A chord lead Spanish Guitar Loop. Happy Mixing!
Description : Sample from scratch. Send me the thing you made from this ^_^
Description : Arpeggio with my Godin. Chords: Cma7 / Bm7 Em7 / Cma7 C / Am Am7 D7
Description : Arpeggio with my Godin in G5 key
Description : 100 BPM in E
Description : In the key of C Major. Love song, acoustic guitar sound, perfect for singing melodies, add a keyboard and drum then you're good, multi-purpose genres, I recommend R&B or Gospel. Be creative! Please comment!
Description : In the key of B Major, Smooth, soft, mellow, acoustic guitar for multi-purposes, bright, loyal,
Description : In the key of C minor, Acoustic guitar, beautiful, resonate, urban, bedroom, lovemaking, multi-purpose, dope
Description : This is hip-hop/pop acoustic guitar sample.
Description : maybe dont match to the other Loops say me what u thinking about this and comment if u use it
Description : Acoustic guitar loop
Description : Another smooth riff from the archive! Sounds like an acoustic guitar, but it's actually an electric. ;)
Description : Happy and positive acoustic guitar.
Description : HB Acoustic Guitar Loop created in FL Studio with synth module at 120 BPM,D. Works with most sounds, give it a try I believe you will like what it spits out.
Description : 4 seamless bars of an acoustic guitar playing a basic chord progression. EQ'd darkly with lots of resonance. Implied Harmonies: E--A--D--A
Description : Just some chords played on an acoustic guitar, and EQ-d slightly. There is also a drum loop and a fill to go with this. These aren't supposed to make any sense or even go together well/sound good, I just made them for fun and hoped some creative people would ifnd uses for them, so have fun :)
Description : Some simple pop/alternative drums for the acoustic guitar loop 'Cold Chords' I uploaded.
Description : A short drum fill for the acoustic guitar loop 'Cold Chords' I uploaded. This was made to be played the bar before the guitar and main drums were so it was just this as an opening fill, but use how and where you want :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 295
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