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Description : The specific key is B Harmonic Minor.
Includes 808, Kick, Snare, Hi Hats and Percussion.
Description : Just a very simple loop made with an 808 kick, snare, open hat and a kick! Hope this is usable!
Description : Request with just 808 & Kick
Description : Ronny J, lil Pump, Ski Mask The Slump God, Smoke Purpp

If You Use Send Me Your Beat
Description : keys are f#, c#
Description : Hard hitting 808 kick. No snare/clap, hat, chant... nothing at all just raw 808 kick. I noticed only few of such exist in here so here is one more
Description : lil Pump, Ski Mask The Slump God, Smoke Purpp

If You Use Send Me Your Beat
Description : I made this for my current project but doesnt sync so im sharing it out here for anyone.
Deep long 808 with a short kick
Description : Rockstar 808
Description : Made with FL Studio
Description : Trap 808 Free
Description : Using 808 kick, 808 HH, and FPC Rim.

Be sure to link anything you use this for down below!
Description : Used 808 kick, 808 snare, 808 hi-hat, and a 707 rim.


Made in FL Studio 12 Free Demo.
Description : Post links to your creations in the comments :D
Hope its usable!
Description : This loop is created in FL Studio with 808 Kick, 808 Snare, 808 Open Hat and 909 Closed Hat 1. This drumbit sounds like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? theme drums
Description : 808 + Kick for Freeze Corleone Loop.
Description : Trap beat 808
Description : Simple Hip Hop Drums. 808 Kick melody, Snare, Clap, C-Hat. Key C. 150 BPM. Show me what you make!
Description : Trap it Rap it or Dubstep it. Your Choice! A 2 file pack!
Description : Produced by @808purp
Description : 808, Kick, Clap
Description : 808, Kick, Snare
Description : Part of my HARDTRAP Series.
Description : 808 kick bass for Future Trap loop pack
Description : classic-808-kick only-drumloop
Loops 1 - 25 of 51
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