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Description : Created in Reason 4.

Description : This is constructed from samples captured while circuit bending a Kawasaki Drum toy. Fairly normal snare placement in a 1 bar loop. These hits have been layered and humanized a bit. circuit bent glitch snare drum hit electronic electro swing

Description : Very fast retro/8 bit style arp.

Description : Well it kinda sounds like an 8 bit sound but with a cool pad in the background!!

Description : this synth has a bit of a Tiesto feel to it.
wow this loop stuff is fun to create.
well my friends in looperman enjoy

Description : This is baisicly same loop like 1, but it has more fx and liter a bit!

Description : Thanks to eshar's help, the loops should loop perfectly now.
This is a bit out of place, but this is something I would do! Um -- Simple Cellos and Violins and then glitched. I like ambience.

Description : A subtle pad with a bit of a bassy feel to it.

Description : The same thing but with a bit air..

Description : It´s my first loop uploaded, a bit of jazzy flava´ , piano with some bass in it. 3/4 loop style.

Description : Pretty much a generic metal drum loop with a little bit of off-time stuff. Made with Addictive Drums in Fruity Loops 7.

Description : this is for the October loop pack. tremolo wurly with a bit of a Leslie touch

Description : Same as #1 ... broken down a bit

Description : Same as first, with a bit more flavour

Description : nice, little bit sad melody...very useful I think:)

Description : A little blues riff/ loop to make your day a little brighter. Clean, no distortion and made with a BASS GUITAR, not a snyth. This loops rides a little bit in its flection, but it's simple.

Description : Made in reason 4.

Description : Its a plain kick, with a bit of iregualr timing, Try it out!

Description : Sloppy :D ... but I like how the newly formed melody turned out. Gipsy guitar, jazzy piano and female opera voice together. Added a bit of fuzzy bass under that. and voila.

Description : An electronic beat that i tweaked a little bit to make it sound better

Description : Percussion Loop tweaked a bit and used in my tune Pulsar

Description : simple midi file played with internal piano sound and a little bit reverb

Description : very Tool inspired rock riff with flanger and bit of verb, but not too much just enough to carry.

Description : This is one of my standard drum loops I created.
It has got just Kick,Hihat and Snare and a finishing effect sound. Maybe a bit too easy but this is HipHop ;)

Description : A special pad-loop for HipHop.
Maybe a bit strange, but it's the way it is.
HipHop, pad, kick, hi hat, scratch

Loops 1326 - 1350 of 1352
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