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Description : Sleepin in a NES - 120 BPM ChillOut 8-Bit Synth Lofi in ma head leave a link if you use this loop.
Description : Just a random synth line you could use in an 8-bit track.
Description : Just a random synth line you could use in an 8-bit track.
Description : This is another Chiptune Sample of mine. As well as the rest of my Chiptune loops on this site, this loop is inspired by Pokemon (Oddish to be specific.) I have been looking for ChipTune collaboration as of lately, so if you like this loop and are interested, feel free to message me. Thanks for listening.
Description : Another 8 bit synth part inspired by Pokemon Gold. This sample is in the key of D#Maj. I haven't been getting as many downloads on these 8 bit tunes but I sure do like writing them. I used Massive to create the square wave synth that I played this loop with. If you like this loop (or don't) check out my others, and let me know what you think. Thanks for listening!
Description : Like an old game... pls leave a link if u use...
Description : zelda plucks not used but fun sounding
Description : Zelda plucks styled of it
Description : Just Play with some usual chords. Please leave a link if u use I lov to hear.
Description : Short 8-bit Pokemon-inspired sample that I made. I don't know if anyone will use this or not, but please post it into the comments if you do! I made this with Massive and Ableton Live 9. Check out my other loops and Thanks for listening.
Description : KEY: G-min TEMPO: 108 bpm Some breakbeat 8-bit noises
Description : KEY: A-min TEMPO: 140bpm so 8 bit pulsing shizz
Description : KEY: A-min TEMPO: 100bpm Fat 8-bit atari bass remind me of F1 raceway.
Description : I also love 8 bit
Description : messing around with Groove Machine in FL and made this, I would appreciate it if you would a comment and tell me how I did.
Description : realized with Fl Studio 11 Key C or G
Description : Realized with FL Studio 11
Description : Realized with FL Studio 11
Description : .......
Description : Prince of Peace. Sawtooth 100 bpm 8 bit chiptune
Description : alma perdida. 8 bit chip tune with pointer cast distortion
Description : Chiptune 8 bit noise in the key of F
Description : It is he who makes it rain. Analog 8 bit chiptune with chromatic resonances and pointer cast distortion.
Description : For the Almighty to share with you guys :D. 8 bit Analog sawtooth wave in C
Description : i hope u like this. i made this in like 60 seconds
Loops 1 - 25 of 94
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