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Description : Copied this from Dylan Tallchief's VR Tutorial video.

Description : So today's my birthday, n all that. N it isn't going the way I thought it would. Made this to make today a bit better. yeah

Made with kontakt. Use if you like, link what you make yo!

Description : I made this using a hi-hat sound and putting it in piano roll and messing about with it for a bit.
If you use this comment the link :)

Description : Like a pleasant dream coming to a bittersweet ending. The journey was more important than the destination, and now that it's over, maybe you feel a little bit lost. But that's okay, because you achieved what you set out to accomplish. You just wish it took a little bit longer.

Description : My friend and I made this melody and I chopped it up in Fruity Slicer and pitched it down a bit and made it sound nice.

Put links if description wanna hear what u guys make!

Description : Dark trap loop made in reFXNexus 2. You can cut it a little bit to make it more interesting. Let me see your work in comments below!

members only, chris diner, xxxtentacion, ski mask the slump god, craigxen, kamiyada, prxjek

Description : A little bit of a deviation from the trap drum loops you always hear. Made in FL, using packs found on the interwebs.

Description : If James Brown only got a little bit more grungy it would sound like this! This is a previously unreleased Gem from my USB vault. Thanks!

Description : Made this Loop with Firebird 2 und pitch it down a little bit.

Send your track with this loop and i will check it out ^^ Have fun with it ^^

Description : Amazing guitar melody vibe similar to Travis Scott, Kanye West, Meek Mill

(FYI: The original file is in F# Min, however I pitched it up so it might be a bit higher)

Let me know if I should all the parts to it

Description : What Good Y'all. Im Alive, just hella busy and was beatblocked for like a month and a bit. Please link your creations with this loop, i want to hear them.

Key: Db(flat) Major

Description : Little bit of half time and some delay. Tried to keep it as dry as I could but it doesn't sound right ortherwise

Description : I recorded some bells then chopped them up in slicex and fiddled around with that for a bit. This is what i came up with.
I'd love to see what you make with it.

Description : Made this for a song but never bothered finishing it.

Description : Sounds like oustanding by madintyo a bit with the top notes, bottom notes sound like ronny j. Whole melody soudns like smokepurpp
- Contact me for custom loops for free!

Description : with a bit modulation

Description : This one sounds a bit more like the actual sub bass from take it back.

For this, I used:
Sytrus > Presets > Bass > Sub bass

Description : chopped this up a bit to fit the bpm

Description : Compressed with a bit reverb

Description : I was going to use it in a UK Drill type beat but it's a bit too melodic.

Description : with a bit Reverb

Description : Used Nexus Added a bit off detune, EQ, and flanger.

Description : Savages 2 hi-hats, kick and bass for your bit...

Description : Savages 2 hi-hats for your bit...

Description : Savages hi-hats, kick and bass for your bit...

Loops 1 - 25 of 1198
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